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His dream in life is to be famous, perferably on TV. He wants the world to know his name. It got so bad one day that, when he was picked as a understudy for the lead role, he mixed cleaning fluids and put them in a bottle of coke for the student. He became so sick that Max got the lead role.

Okay, good start. We've got another felon on our hands here. Max's approach to the game was basically to play to the cameras like he was on some reality show, so in addition to resorting to petty means to get what he wants, he's also kinda dumb. Playing for fame sounds great, but it's not like being eliminated gets you a brief confessional and a short interview in the reunion show. It just gets you dead.

Right then, so he meets some kids and puts on the crocodile tears. Deciding to play along when they're suspicious of him, he surrenders his bag, and then is surprised when one of them grabs it and runs off. Really bringing his A game here. I would describe the writing, but it's primarily just short reactions and a snatch of dialogue with no real flavor. That is, until he decides to find a camera and start monologuing at it. Thankfully for us all, Cody Jenson randomly shows up and decides to attack him for no real reason. I don't like Cody, nor his handler, since he seems like one of those fight scene lawyers who try to create scenarios in which their opponent has no choice but to lose, then they complain whenever anyone else doesn't comply with their flawed reasoning.

Anyway, during this ridiculous fistfight, Shinya Motomura shows up and uses his gun to break it up, driving Cody away. That's when Max has an amazing leap of logic, deciding that in order to build his credibility, he needs to bring someone down, and his best possible option is the guy with the gun pointed at him. It doesn't work, and I don't particularly miss Max either. The problem is that no matter how narcissistic or self-absorbed you are, logic or simple fight-or-flight instincts should have probably taken over long ago. Having him be this obsessed with fame when there's bullets flying just makes him seem delusional or stupid, and it isn't a very well-written stupid either. They're all characters, of course, but Max makes it a lot more obvious than some that he doesn't exist, and never would exist by any stretch of the imagination.

Let's keep going.
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