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i'm not upset
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Finished Fred.

Fred starts at the warehouse with Jeremy. For the first 5 threads of Fred, please refer to Part 1 of my Jeremy review.

Anyhow, he's shot at the hospital and wanders away to try and draw the random shooter away from his friends. But it doesn't work, the shooter keeps shooting and them and he gets separated for his troubles. He next comes upon Lyndi and Callum. They are freaked out, but they know him from school and he knows them so they do their best to heal his wounds while a crazy Cody Jensen tears through. He sees Lyndi and decides he is in love with her and will do anything to possess her. The group leaves.

Next Callum hears a scream and feels guilty about leaving a girl named Beth so he leaves to his doom. They pick up Lyndi's best friend, Elsie who is secretly pregnant and can't bring herself to tell Lyndi, but Fred senses there's something making her upset. A boy named Vince comes up and he's acting a little sketchy, but mostly ok.

Lyndi and Fred talk, Lyndi is scared that he'll leave her and although he was to reunite with his brother, Jeremy and Heather, he feels for her and promises to stay with her.

Then crazy Cody comes up, still determined to kill the group and take Lyndi. Fred tells the girls to get inside the lighthouse and he'll fight Cody. He's pretty realistic about his odds though.

‘Cept this time you’re up against probably the craziest person on the whole bleeding island, who’s at the moment armed with a tire iron. Bit better than an axe, but still not that good, and you got yourself a pipe wrench and a flashbang… oh, this is rather depressing really.’

Vince is a coward and he also goes inside, leaving Fred to fight Cody alone with his pipe wrench, gifted from Heather. Lyndi breaks eventually and screams at Vince for leaving Fred alone and goes out herself. But it's too late, Fred's been shot.

Final thoughts: Fred's pretty good. He's a decent, normal guy with a protector streak. I think I prefer him to his more indecisive, less outgoing brother, Glenn. I'd recommend him, but I think he picks up more once he gets to the smaller group with Lyndi. Special shout out for Lyndi by the way, she's great.

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