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Helena Van Garrett was not the stupidest first death in SOTF history. That would, of course, go to Remi Pierce. That being said, she does kind of throw herself to the wolves a bit, approaching none other than Hawley Faust with open arms. Her five minutes of fame are incredibly well-written for V1, with some fun character-building for Helena as she washes up in a nearby creek as her introduction. The girl is stupid and naive, but in a believable way, and even as Hawley opens up on her with a shotgun, she doesn't just immediately take a bullet to the head, but instead puts up an entertaining fight against him. As Hawley Faust's first kill on the island, it actually feels like he had to work for it and that it wasn't simply handed to him on a platter. In this way, orangeflamingo succeeded in not just creating an excellent death scene for their own character, but elevating Hawley as well in the process.

Correction to the above: I think that V1's first death was the best one I've ever seen. If the rest of V1 had followed in this level of quality, it would have been a whole lot less silly. To that end, I have nothing but praise for how Helena Van Garrett was handled.

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