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Carrie Webber is an odd one, since she actually seems like someone who would really exist, rather than some bizarre caricature. When she meets with Ryan Ashmore and they debate whether they should play the game or just defend themselves, I could imagine this as something I could see in V5 or V6. Cassie is well-meaning, scared, and wants more than anything just to survive. Rather than being selflessly opposed to killing, she's determined that she will fight if it's in self-defense. A very balanced viewpoint, and as a result, it's hard to find anything to criticize about her first few threads. Instead of ignoring when someone is being killed in front of her, her handler actually acknowledges it, even if she's too afraid to do something about it.

The most notable things about Cassie's early game are the flashbacks to life before the island. V1 started with the students being placed directly on the island, so it's difficult to get a feel of what life was like for most of them before coming to the island. The idea of flashbacking in order to fill in the gaps was probably the best solution, given the circumstances. It helps that in her case, they're fairly well-written and they provide more context for why she's the way she is upon reaching the island. One of her major struggles is that her dad abandoned her mother and her while she was in a coma, and so a little voice keeps insisting that the folks following her will do the exact same, resulting in some trust issues.

I should note a brief interruption in the narrative when a dead guy suddenly enters the scene. Cassie's handler Swoosh has to remind the dead guy's handler that the dead guy is indeed dead and shouldn't be talking to them, which is more of a reflection on the chaotic and somewhat unpolished nature of V1 as a whole. In fact, the OOC commentary takes so long that the place suddenly becomes a danger zone, forcing Cassie to run off yet again.

Strangely, at this point the new group she's with is asking her to call the shots. Put in this situation, Cassie decides that she's going to get the biggest weapon among them, because she doesn't trust anyone there. Naturally, when her team isn't inclined to pass a gun her way, she suddenly gets more hostile and threatening. This seems like a sudden shift, but we've heard her inner monologue all this time saying that she can't trust anyone and that she has to kill them before they kill her, so the temptation has always been there. When she finds that she can't rely on the group any more, she says that she's leaving to thin the herd, and in response, one of her old team members shoots her in the back, ending her game before it even starts.

Gotta say, while Cassie didn't actually do anything really, her interactions with people and the conflicts in her own head gave her an interesting vibe. Compared to a lot of V1, her writing was worlds above, and her conclusion didn't feel sudden or unsatisfying. Overall, a pretty nice read.

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