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That was a curiosity. Now that Nate had talked, Fiyori suddenly realized that there was a point to her story after all. Had there been a grand award show after all this over, Fiyori would've had to mention Nate in her acceptance speech. Whatever it was that she accepted.

Fiyori flashed a smile - to no-one in particular, but dedicated to Nate - but then put a grim mask on her own face. This was about to be a very serious moment.

"You know, maybe you're just putting yourself under a lot of stress? You talk about 'deserving' things, and 'dying for nothing', and I feel like that's just making your life harder than it needs be."

She put her finger at her lips, nibbled on the nails a bit, sucking the droplets of water in. It spontaneously occurred to her that it was raining, which was why she was getting wet all over the place. The shock of that realization nearly made her forget what she wanted to say, but Fiyori caught herself.

"You want to go home. But also, you want to not kill someone."

Her hand instinctively raised and went behind Nate's back. Almost, she would have patted him on the back but perhaps he would consider that rude.

"So, the question ain't what should be, but rather: what d'ya want to do... more?"

She allowed herself a look over the shoulder. There, in the semi-distance, she could spot the other two half-corpses. She wondered.

Then, she rose to her feet.
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