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As promised, Jeremy Torres, the third longest character in V1 behind only Cody Jensen and Adam Dodd and he only made it to eighth place.

Part 1: I have no posting order and I must scream

Part 2: Soup's On

Part 3: Death Race 2006

FINAL THOUGHTS: It’s fitting that Jeremy’s story ends with a song from The Monkees. They were part of a t.v. show about a band that wasn’t very successful, but in real life they outsold the Beatles and The Rolling Stones for a bit. They also make me think of like, goofy wholesomeness. That’s Jeremy. Sure he didn’t win, but he had more moral fiber than anyone in v1 I think so in his own mind he did win.

I don’t know if I can think of another character like Jeremy. No matter how bad things get, no matter how many of his friends die, no matter what people do to him or how much he suffers, he is hopeful and wants to give people a chance. Every time he comes across a new person he usually makes friends with them and promises to help people left right and center without asking anything in return. I’m kind of sad he didn’t make it farther because it would have been interesting to see how Dodd or Cody would react having to contend with someone standing at the very top of the moral high ground with no malice in their hearts.

I recommend Jeremy, but it takes a long time for him to get going due to the fact that he’s drowned out by more frequent posters in his early threads to the point that he becomes background noise. I would suggest reading his first thread, and then picking it back up at the first time he’s in “Girl 70 Start” where he meets Nev and Scott. You can skip the six threads between using this writeup to fill you in. He's not perfect, his early game drags and he lacks some depth for while, but he's a very solid first attempt from Theseus who would go on to only do better.

Working on Fred, who I read 80 percent of already when I did Jeremy.
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