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It should have been so tempting to take him up on his offer.

Seriously, this was Min-jae Parker. Like, her second-least favorite person still left on this island. And this wasn't the petty, snide-remarks-and-social-ostracism kind of everyday hatred. This was a person who had earned legit, "the world would be better off without you in it," life-and-death hatred.

Min-jae deserved to die.

No, he had to die. It was an insult to his victims that there was even the chance that he might be the only one to go home. Somebody owed it to them to prevent that, and it was obvious who that had fallen to.

Candice had the opportunity. Maybe it was the karma of hiding out while dozens of people died, but you couldn't get a better chance than coming across him when he was just lying there.

She had the means, her as-yet-unused gun clenched tightly in her right hand. Candice had no experience firing it, and expected that she would probably be a terrible shot with it, but given the short range, no shortage of ammo, and a stationary, helpless target...

She had the ability to do so.

If it was a situation like this where the other person couldn't move, even somebody like her could make a difference.

All she would have to do is pull a trigger...
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