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(For context)

Kermit, after waiting for what seemed like 20 min. sat down. No one even responded to his burton-memes which was surprising. Without knowing it he drifted off to sleep.

IN the morning he was woken up by the V2 readathon. Two people died. Not as much as he had expected but a good number to start moving the RAT along. Everyone was probably starting to get wary of who they were with now or who they could trust. Panic like that though could help out the situation though.

Read Sam Sorenson......you know you want to......there is nothing here for you trapped here until you die...youve tryed it plenty of times. end it here and now...read sam sorenson

"Shut up," Kermit yelled looking down at the devi satome next to him.

Awww is that anyway to treat your old friend?

"I won't listen to you. You're just a figment of my imagination."

You know thats not true. Im you, and right now your just mad because you know you want it all to end.

"Be quiet," Kermit yelled. " You wont get to me."

Just read the necrophilia scene....it will all be over soon.

"Ahhhh,"he screeched pulling off one of the devi satomes eyes.

How could you do that to an old friend naughty frog...

"Be quiet or ill rip another one off"

The devi satome was quiet, knowing that he scared him off for a while he started packing her bag to leave.

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Mr. Bear coming next!
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"Kermit you are the guy in the horror movie that finds a book bound in human skin and decides to read out loud what is inside for fun" - some mean lady named Ruggahissy

i make art i think????

Sadly kermit looked at a mariavel. It was so sad... such a sad mariavel... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?
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