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I had a brief look at Chi when I was going through Glenn, and she seemed quite passable. Not as weird as some of the other folks running around, and with a bit more potential. So imagine my surprise when I look at her profile and see this:
Chi developed a drug habit and ended up moving in with her 32 year old drug dealer, who's only name was X. He whored her out in order to pay for her drugs

Naturally, in her very first thread, she's pined for by some guy named Jim, who can't stop reflecting on how stunning she is in his internal monologue. But Chi's mind is all like:
*I should just kill him now.* She thought.

Yessir, Chi's decided to be a player. But then!
"You're not going anywhere." Andrew Klock (Boy #12) said as he stepped out from the trees ahead of the two. He had taken a long time to get here from the gazebo, and he wasn't going to let his new catches escape. "For me to survive, you must die." he said, pointing his machete at them.

I feel like I should stop doing quotes, but there's so much stupid to go around. You know what, here's another:
The slingshot would be useless, but her inner thighs had great strength from all the...practice. She ran up behind Andrew and wrapped her legs around his neck, squeezing as tight as possible, and covered his eyes with her hands.

Anyway, this fight goes on for a while, until Andrew finally forces them to flee with their thighs intact. Coming across a relatively safe place, they have a brief moment to rest and for Jimmy to ogle Chi some more, when Chi suddenly proclaims that they should kill themselves. She muses:
*Yeah, like I'd have a problem with killing all these kids. I've already done it enough times.*

For the record, her profile only mentions a history of prostitution, not murder, but I guess it's just assumed with this crowd. As it turns out, she's serious about the suicide thing, but when she goes to a cliff to throw herself off, she realizes that there are people there and she gets self-conscious. Maybe it's also because a kid in a wheelchair just fell off, so it wouldn't seem that original any more.

Then Chi suddenly decides she needs to find Wednesday Garci, apropos of nothing, but not before angering the folks at the cliff enough for them to hit her in the head. Now that I know WHY she has the head injury upon meeting Glenn, suddenly the thread where they're together comes into a bright new perspective. Her mission at this point is suddenly to run into Wednesday, when she was going to be a killer OR she was going to commit suicide. The girl doesn't seem to have mood swings so much as a mood switchboard. In the blink of an eye, as if this had been her goal all along, Wednesday's all she can talk about, and every time she runs into someone, she asks if they've seen Wednesday. It makes me ponder if the character of Wednesday was invented right then or shortly before as a sort of Retroactive Lover, and beforehand, Chi's handler was intending her to become a standard player.

Alrighty, already covered the Glenn and Chi business, so let's skip ahead to when they split up. Chi gets a tip from Marie that she saw Wednesday at the warehouse, so off she goes. She observes a different femme fatale doing her own act on a poor unsuspecting dude, and decides to shoot at her with a slingshot, killing her instantly. It's a kill so BS that even Chi doesn't quite believe it, but at least she's got a meathook now...with one thread to go.

Turns out that her final thread is her uniting with Wednesday, and they have a tender moment that feels like they're trying to jam several threads' worth of characterization into a single conversation. But oh no! It's Clemence again! You'd expect some dramatic battle where Wednesday and Chi finally get overwhelmed by Clemence's superior ballerina skills, but actually Chi just gets killed by a random shooter from offscreen. Kind of a wet fart of an ending really.

Final thoughts on Chi...it depends on which version of Chi you're talking about. When she's committed to playing, it seems like something interesting is going to happen, but out of nowhere, she suddenly becomes about Wednesday, and it's jarring as heck. If she'd started off with the Wednesday business instead of it cropping up without warning, I think I'd be happier about her character progression, but her character doesn't progress. It just reboots over and over, and that's really, really bad.

Can I do another please?
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