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As I begin reading Gilbert's profile, I immediately come upon the realization that this is a Dodd character. How, you may ask? Well, there's a South Park!Gilbert right on the wiki page, and the appearance section is like basically pure distilled Dodd-writing. Not that this is a bad thing or anything, though.

Dodd's characters are a bastion of semi-normalcy in the sea of Devi Satomes and KLOUJIS that is V1. Gilbert just looks like a normal dude. Tonal stuff is a bit of a problem, yeah, but that's about it.

God this feels like a V2 RAT writeup.

BIO: TLDR Gil is a stinky NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERD who gets bullied a lot. Also he's from Quebec. Hmm, I wonder if there are any other Canadians who might help him out with his bullying problems? Say, maybe a feisty red-headed Adam Canadian?


also he's in 9th grade for some reason ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

oh wait, what's that in the trivia section I see?

During Gilbert's first day of school, it was Adam Dodd who came to his aide in the hallway and helped him out.


hm now im having v3 RAT flashbacks too.


So Gil wakes up and sits on a rock and mopes. Shoar (what that's not even close to a real name) Wilson pops outta fucking nowhere and I guess flying-kicks Gil in the head or something. Shoar gets like, really close to killing Gil, but then...

A red goatee...

A hockeyman...

A Canadian....


Adam kills Shoar to death and then Gil has a flashback to show how awesome Dodd is.

Gil's narrative
Adam Dodd had never really been one to have an extravagent wardrobe, but as he lowered his pistol, sliding the weapon back into his jeans, Gilbert knew that the same happy-go-lucky, kind student from back in New York might not be the same now. As he'd thought before, the game changed people, and if Adam Dodd were now a changed man, he didn't know.


Dodd fucks off and then Gil fucks off. END THREAD!

Gil happens upon Luca Donovan and shoots at her because she's a meaniepants. The Warehouse crew wander up and find Gil and he's all like "pls dont kil me :'-(" and Luca fires back at Gil, hitting Jill (a member of the warehouse crew) in the shoulder. Luca then gets Jilled to death.

Gil accidentally fires his gun again because he is SC2 Everett (Kermit character pimping intensifies) and almost hit's Brackie's SC2 character who is in a bush. Brackie's SC2 character gets REAL MAD and shoots Gil. The endddddddd! Also Dodd shows up in Gil's deathpost.

CONCLUSION: Gil just pretty much existed as an accessory to Dodd's storyline. He shows up, says how cool Dodd is, dies, and then makes Dodd sad. Like, he does a decent job of not being terrible, but you should just read Dodd/Jill & Martyn/Jack instead.

Gonna do a few more sprites before asking for another.
Ravioli Marill - Today at 9:49 AM
(Mariavel is Kermit)

Some people that might be in V7 (or not):

Michael Froese: "Is it bad that I hope today's the day Richard finally fucking snaps, brings a gun to school, and shoots me in the head? Because I really can't deal with this shit anymore."

Valerija Bogdanovic: "If we as a society continue using words like "cuck" or "Reagan fetishist" to describe those who's political views differ from our own, we will accomplish nothing. Alienating each other will just lead to further division. If I were to insult you straight to your face, it's not like you'd hold my opinion with any merit."

Maxwell Fenster: "Okay then."

V1 sprites!
V2 sprites!?!?!

mini stuff!?!??!?!?!?!?!?

Wow look here's a big ol' spotify playlist, listen to it (only if u want im not ur boss)!
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