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Michael Suarez is short. He's a baseball dude from Barry Coleson High. He finds his other baseball friend jack and with him and Martyn and Jill they decide to try for escape. Martyn, Jill and Jack all go off to die in Onslaught Redux and Michael is somehow separated from them. He's kindda friendly and optimistic and believes in escape. Next he goes to the school and two girls are hiding in it. He bangs on the door and asks to be let in but they don't wanna. So he sulks and leaves.

Then he wanders to some other places and sees a kid named Scott, but he hears something and pushes Scott out of the way, getting shot. It was for nothing though because Scott is then immediately shot and killed. This is the same Scott from Jeremy's story so....guess I know what happened to him now. Though I wish I did not.

Because the person shooting is Angelina Kaige. You see, she gets horny when she kills people.

I want off this ride
With each soldier that she'd killed (and there'd been many), Kaige had realized that she got increasingly more and more sexually aroused.

Well unfortunately for her, Michael was paralyzed when she shot him, so she can't rape him. Darn the luck. So she shoots him in the dick. He can't feel it though. Which is.....better? Then she shoots him in the face while she thinks about her daddy issues. Uhhhhhhhhhh

I don't recommend this character. He seems like a friendly, kindda playful kid but he doesn't get posted with much and then ends in a gross, dumb way that is more about Angelina than him and I don't want to spend any time with her.

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