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Hey, a softball girl! I've been told that V5 was a real hub for softball players, so I suppose that I was going to get one eventually. True to being a sports person, one thing we immediately see from Kathryn's pregame is that she's competitive and strict. In her first thread with the softball team, she chews out Andi Victorino for her attitude while helping to arrange a batting practice order. Her harshness shines through the most in her pregame threads, and it seems like the sort of thing that wouldn't get her a lot of friends, but the island is a different kettle of fish than a softball team.

Sure enough, she actually takes a friendly tack when she hits the island, chumming it up with James Wade and acting casual and jovial. It's kind of a departure from the sharp-tongued lady she was in pregame. Matter of fact, when she finds a fellow student who was given a Clue game box, she proposes sitting down and playing a game with a couple other folks who waltz in. And they do. While everyone else is freaking out or in varying stages of panic, there's this group of four students who decide Day 1 that they're going to play a board game all day. A bit weird.

It's at this point that Kathryn reunites with a couple of her softball teammates, Alda Abbate and Iselle Ovalle-Vandermeer, and they form a tight-knit alliance of sorts. Kathryn sometimes speaks up in conversations, but she rarely takes the lead, and as a result, it's hard to see in this period of the game where her contribution truly lies. It's often just Alda and Iselle working off one another, with Kathryn observing. Then Alda kills someone in front of her, and she finally steps up to deliver a point, throwing a baseball over Iselle's shoulder in the process.

What transpires is so stupid, I want to stop and just focus on it for a second. That baseball? The one that goes sailing over Iselle's shoulder? It kills someone. Seriously. Carlos Lazaro just materializes from the ether to take a fastball to the cranium, and he drops like a stone. It happens so far offscreen, Kathryn doesn't even notice, and she falls asleep, just in time for ANOTHER stupid death to occur when she has her gun out while she's sleeping. Iselle bursts into the room and Kathryn fires on reflex, killing her too.

I guess we're just lucky that Kathryn didn't accidentally choke someone with a Clue game piece.

But wait a moment, that's all of Kathryn's listed kills, and we've still got five threads to go. What else does she get up to in that time? Well, there's a brief confrontation with Virgil Jefferson-Davis, a quick nap, then she gets herself attached to another group, where she mostly just follows again. There's an entire gunfight that occurs in front of her, and she merely stands and watches. Then her group turns on itself, and she stands and watches. Then she leaves.

Finally, we have her death scene, where she finds Matt Vartoogian and they get into a wordless gun battle of three-line posts each before she gets cornered and dies. After her opening island thread where she manages to have a fun peaceful scene, it's just really unfortunate that her story ends on such a flat and emotionless note. For someone who made it so close to the end, Kathryn was seriously kind of a non-entity in the long run. There's nothing wrong with being a sidekick in someone else's story, but if you're going to do that, you need to own the part. Build people up and be a good foil to them. I don't think she managed it.

More, please!
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