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Cassandra's profile isn't too outwardly absurd. Basically, she was a straight-A student who eventually got in trouble and started slacking off as a result. Compared to a lot of the v1 cast, she actually seems fairly realistic.

Cassandra joins up with Kichiro Taka and Kiyoko Asakawa early, providing an interesting dynamic to the group. Kiyoko can't speak English, Cassandra can't speak Japanese, but Kichiro can speak both, pretty much making him the leader and peacemaker of the trio by default. Although this is fairly unique, even in v1, not as much is done with it as there could have been.

Most of this can be drawn up to a few reasons. First, Cassandra falls into the same issue as a lot of characters in that she tended to fall into the background during threads because of the lack of posting order combined with the absurd speed that her thread partners would post. Second, Kichiro runs off and dies alone before their final thread, cutting their trio short.

Cassandra's death thread is a pretty unique scene. Kiyoko runs off and leaves behind a suicide letter, but since Cassandra can't read it, she assumes that Kiyoko is planning to attack them. Cassandra confronts her, and because both are paranoid and incapable of communication with the other, they wind up killing each other. Even more tragically, had Kichiro not ran off out of the blue, this probably could have been avoided.

Although Cassandra has some pretty interesting bits, she also has some notable weaknesses, mostly revolving around how few posts she actually gets. Her group and the path it takes are interesting, but Cassandra as an individual character is not. And because of that, I'm afraid that I can't fully recommend her.

Another character, if you please.
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