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Ngl the main reason I've taken so long to do this is because I've been struggling to do a thread by thread write up that wasn't trash. So instead of doing that I'll give a quick overview of Robby boy since I feel he at least deserved that since overall he's a strong read, however there are a few things that hold him back from being truly great.

One of the strongest things about Rob is his voice. Ares overall has a great sense of who the kid is and delivers on it excellently. In almost every scene he's in Robert is able to either carry it on his own or improve it greatly just by being there. It doesn't hurt that he's with another strong character in Matthew as well for the majority of his stay on the island. The two bounce off of each other greatly and while I honestly hated the duo at first their development together was extremely strong and I couldn't help but to root for the two of them to make it out even though I already knew they'd take the fall sooner or later. However that doesn't mean it was all great. Matthew at the beginning had me rolling my eyes constantly and it wasn't until Cold Cash and Colder Hearts that I actually really began to like the duo. Maybe it's my own distaste for stereotypical pothead characters mixed with the fact that it took the two awhile for them to even begin to like each other that made me not care for the two of them together, but the entire time I read Robert's story until this point I was just hoping Matthew would bite the dust or Rob would ditch him. Thankfully though the former didn't happen for a while though and the latter didn't at all, so I was able to see them actually get to the point where they were actually good.

However early game Matthew isn't the only issue Robert's plot faced. One of my biggest complaints is how often Ares would have his other characters just walk into scenes involving Rob just so they can die around him because idk reasons. Like for example in the aforementioned Cold Cash and Colder Hearts Rob gets high and wanders off and one of Ares' other kids, Steve, wanders in so Matthew can slit his throat. Thread before this one Kyle gets murdered right in front of Rob and the way the scene plays out and what follows makes it feel like Robert could of been removed from the entire scene and nothing would of changes, and when they return to said thread after Cold Cash and Colder Hearts Rob just ends up killing Sarah Dao as soon as Ares gains control of her. The same issues arises with Matthew and Baby_G's other characters as well, where they feel like they only exist to die around the duo. In fact out of all of Matthew and Robert's kills only two from a different handlers. The rest are kids directly controlled by the two of them. The entire time I read through their story I couldn't help but wish that I'd see any other username besides just Baby_G and Ares. Thankfully later on (When they begin to run out of characters) this issue goes away, but it's still not something I was fond of.

Thankfully though aside from some uh... Very 2000s dialogue choices (Seriously who even speaks like this?) and a lot of underreactions to running into death Robert's story is one I can recommend wholeheartedly. There's a lot of great stuff to him, and it's obvious Ares put a lot of effort into making Rob work in the end. It's actually a little shocking to me that despite making it to 9th freaking place Rob doesn't have a single write up in his wiki page's "Your thoughts" section which I don't really think is fair. He's a good read, and if you're at all curious I would 100% recommend him.
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