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Finished Marie Zaid.

I'm kinda glad my introduction to v1 was a pretty normal character. That being said, Marie is still very much of her time. In the beginning one-shot, you kinda see what she's going to be like for the rest of her time in the game: mildly sarcastic with song lyrics slapped somewhere in the middle. These generally do fall away, but her narrative doesn't really expand much beyond 2-4 lines, so there is still not a whole lot to sink your teeth into. She does get brownie points in that the song lyrics are actually given a reason for them being in her posts in that she's actually listening to them in character. That's pretty unique I guess.

Her next thread has her leave in the same post she entered in so she can converse with Adam Dodd while he's naked (as you do), and then comes back in the previous thread after only one other post has been made. This doesn't have much effect on her character development, but will be important whenever someone tries to put a formula to Dodd's time vortex powers.

After that she finds a group and slightly nudges Chi out of it in a way that sorta makes sense. She's kinda like that "girl who only has guy friends" type of character, which I'm guessing based from the time period and what is in the narrative. Doesn't exactly make her likeable but it's something. Eventually the song lyrics slip away and she falls into the background, without even leaving or entering in her own posts and just kinda popping up wherever Glenn goes until she dies and the song lyrics come back in an attempt to add more to the scene.

Marie wasn't terrible to read through, but I'd say you could skip her. I don't know how she compares to v1 as a whole, but as an individual character she doesn't have much going on.

I'll take a break before I ask for the next one.
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