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*insert dance song here*
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So according to Niniko's profile, the government killed his parents, so now he forms gangs to kill government officials (but has apparently failed in every attempt), has been classified as criminally insane, and "tries to kill everyone in sight without regard for personal safety". Oh yeah, he also apparently looks exactly like Kazuo Kiriyama.

Clearly a hero in the making.

Also, profile says he's deaf too. SPOILERS: Doesn't really matter all that much.

Niniko only has one thread, so this should be fun. He wakes up and CURSES the fact that he only got boxing gloves, so he makes plans to steal a weapon because he wants to KILL and whatever. He approaches a group of students and just kinda... shrugs off a flash grenade because V1 before being all like "Well well well..." because V1. And then by his next post he just kinda runs away WITHOUT trying to kill everyone in sight and just decides to sit around and wait for someone else to kill I guess.

Then he goes inactive and his collar blows up.

I'm kinda disappointed, to be honest. Niniko had a lot set up to be a classic edgy V1 character but got ditched before he could give me much awfulness to laugh about. A shame, really.

Another one?
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