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River Garraty, or as he should maybe be called "Why Post Order Is a Good Thing".

So River's profile is of a totally normal kid. He's a hockey player (gasp!), he's not great at school, he has a family and some nice Youngest Child Syndrome, and there's nothing at all that would register as an issue in any version. Well done!

So he arrives on the island with his plastic hammer and heads to the lighthouse, thinking, "I should be normal and find people." Selene and Garrett are in the lighthouse. So are Jacob Starr and Uriel Hunter, a-hunting. River strolls up and Uriel hears him and throws open the door and intones:
Proof that you are not possessed by a demon and you shall live. If you cannot do this, you will be seen as a follower of the dark lord And I will be forced to exorcise you.
Ah, Uriel. And following that....

See, and I'm really just seeing this in action now, but back in v1 there was apparently no such thing as "establish a posting order for the thread". And I know that now these long years later, we (and I) sometimes bitch about the rigidity of having a strict post order. Because we often have to wait a long time between posts, and the action in a thread can slow down to a crawl while everyone waits to stand around some more or say one line in response. Sometimes we just wish we could let the thread play out a bit more chaotically. And while something might be said for relaxing post order at certain times, I now have to admit that a rigid post order sure beats the alternative we see here.

Because in the three days since River arrives at the lighthouse and Uriel spouts off about demonic gobbledygook, Jacob and Uriel and Garrett decide to have a wacky v1-era fight and post about 15 times each in those three days. It ends and River is left, still at the lighthouse door, thinking:
River listened to the commotion inside the lighthouse, yeesh, there must be a pretty big fight going on in there. He was glad that he seemed to have been forgotten at the door
And he moves on, still being a totally normal guy, and I like that.

He arrives at the school building, starting his own thread this time so as not to intrude on any planned fights about to start maybe, and decides to take cover for a bit. There's nothing too deep about River, but he's thoroughly competent as a character, so we'll see who arrives and how they interact and... two days go by (not much) and here comes Adam Dodd! And Hawley Faust. And... Jacob and Uriel again. Who have some history with Adam and Hawley. And Jacob immediately shoots at them and THE SAME EXACT THING HAPPENS AGAIN ONLY EVEN LONGER.

So yeah, over the course of ONE DAY Jacob and Uriel and Hawley and Adam have a three-page epic gun/knife/molotov cocktail fight that includes a molotov cocktail being shot out of the air to create a WALL OF FLAMES for people to jump through all action-movie-style, while poor River is completely forgotten about because apparently the handler NyteDarkness had the gall to not be around over the course of that one day until the end of it. And it's now two threads into River's story, and his character is now already just a complete afterthought in the game itself, and it's really unfortunate. So again, River has to suddenly jump into the scene again as the fight concludes, reminding everyone that he's still alive and totally active. He covers for his absence from the fight by saying he fell asleep before it, and sees Adam and Hawley running off. Since Adam is a hockey buddy of his, he's happy to join up with him and keep away from the crazy people. I agree, River! Hopefully you can be part of an actual group now!

Oh god his next and final thread has ten pages aiiieeeeee v1.

The first seven pages from River's start to his (SPOILER) death take seven days. V1 was reaaaaaaaly a different time. And with his first two threads to go on, can YOU guess what happens here, even without a fight scene going on?

So River arrives with Adam and Hawley at the house, shows them his plastic hammer (Was River at least the pioneer of the plastic hammer? I hope so!), and asks what they got. And even when they're all just sitting and conversing and NyteDarkness is active with River, Hawley and Adam both get about four posts in each before he can speak up again. It completely pushes him out of the story, and every time he manages to get a word in, like after Marcus Roddy arrives, it's like, well as River puts it:
Adam and Hawley seemed to be handling things.It wasn't like River to be so quiet, but he'd never been in this type of situation before.

So yeah. Marcus arrives, and then a couple pages later Madelaine Shirohara and Amanda Jones come in, and David Jackson comes in and River is:
River continued to sit by himself. Geez, he thought, how come everyone decides to come here all of the sudden? Things were moving too fast for him right now.

Now granted, River's handler isn't helping things by not speaking up and doing anything when he manages to get a post in, but no one else is helping either by completely ignoring him. So this goes on, and River starts to get paranoid and weirdly jealous of Amanda for occupying all of Adam's attention. It's SOMETHING at least, even if it's not the route I would have gone, but I have no idea if River's exit was being planned at this point or not. Well... probably, because in his next post River has HAD ENOUGH, damn it, and he breaks down, assumes everyone is out to get him, laughs crazily at his plan, and runs off into the woods to get away from everyone. Which is a dangerzone, and an explosion is heard in the distance and that's the end of River Garraty.

It's too bad. Because NyteDarkness was really a competent writer, and River was a totally nice, normal kid who could have gone any number of interesting places had he gotten a chance too. And if NyteDarkness had come along with River in, hell, even by v3, they could have been a great part of this site in the, shall we say, less beta-versions of SOTF. Ah well. I can't really recommend River as there's simply not much there in the end, but I can think briefly on what could have been.

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