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Ah, v1, back when the premise was Battle Royale in America but half the site just wrote actual Japanese kids anyway, thus rendering the whole creative process worthless.

Anyways, Kiyoko's profile indicates she is an Otaku with disfigured fingers. Her dad is an alcoholic and her mom left them six months ago. She skips school to hang out at internet cafes. She has insomia but her alcoholic dad sold her pills for beer money, and she fantasizes about killing him. So far, pretty par the course for v1.

The actual story starts out with this:

(occ: for future reference Speach will be in Romananji and thoughts in English because most things Kiyoko says in her head i usually dont know the romanji for those)


Anyways Kiyoko wakes up, finds her glasses, and because this is v1 she immediately leaves her first thread because her handler waited 3 hours and nobody appeared which was like 2 months in our time. She appears in Terry Woodard's thread *children cheering in the background* but only speaks to Kichiro *children sad in the background* because apparently she has no idea what's going on, lol whoops! Anyways, she tries getting an answer out of Kichiro but he REFUSES TO TELL HER THAT SHE'S ON SOTF which is wrong but hilarious. This quote also happens

It was a Midevil Flail

It's a shame spellcheck didn't exist in 2005. Kichiro then tells her in the broadest terms possible what SOTF is and naturally she doesn't believe him but then she does believe him? idk man half her dialogue isn't even in English. They then leave, leaving the good characters to do their thing (ie get shot by Hawley in a few threads).

Another thread happens where they swap weapons. That's pretty much all that happens.

They finally get to the river and happen upon Cassandra Roivas *waves at Aura* who has a big-ass gun. They exchange the usual "we're not playing" pleasantries and join up. This is an interesting dynamic because Cassandra can only speak English and Kiyoko can only speak Japanese, while Kichiro speaks both and has to act as their translator and go-between. BOY WOULDN'T IT SUCK IF SOMETHING WERE TO HAPPEN TO KICHIRO. Cassandra/Kiyoko shakes hands while she narratives in Japanese for some reason

Kiyoko felt a little dissapionded becaause her ahndshake offering was regected

I can't understand Japanese so I have no clue what went on. She then fucks around with the boxcutter Kichiro traded her for for a bit and Kichiro's like "NO" and Kiyoko's like "step off" and then Kichiro's like "woah she's unfriendly" as though he's not the one who just grabbed her. It gets boring so they head to another thread.

They then happen upon a waterfall where they find Gabrielle Minase's body, as he's tragically died of AIDS (or the gunshot wound in his back, it's hard to tell). Kiyoko asks the body to wake up because she's five years old. Upon Kichiro telling her it's a dead body, she then steals its bag.

They then end up in a group with Umi Martin, Daisuke Andou, Aiden Ambrose, and Andrew Lipson, which is a fairly solid group all things considered. She speaks with Daisuke in Japanese which is sorta nice. Kichiro then runs off because he's been rolled he just KNOWS his long-lost sister is out in that burning field of bamboo for some reason even though he's been speaking to her all this time, oh the tragedy, leaving Kiyoko alone. She tries speaking to Daisuke, who goes inactive for the rest of the thread, and Andrew tries speaking with her, but she obviously can't understand him.

She also has a surprisingly subdued reaction to Andrew being struck by lightning and falling off a cliff (read: none at all) but then Chi Masumi appears and wants Umi's gun so she tries turning Kiyoko against the group of mostly English speakers by telling her they're all plotting against her and want her dead. To Kiyoko's credit she immediately recognizes this is bullshit and tells her to fuck off. To her immediate discredit she then HITS HER IN THE HEAD WITH HER FLAIL which is super aggressive but everyone seems cool with it? Chi cries and stuff but Kiyoko calls her a whore and tells her again to fuck off. She then gives Umi a MAC-10 which I'm not entirely sure where she got it from. They move on as a group.

They all arrive at the next thread and decide to get some rest but Kiyoko can't because she has no sleeping pills, ruh-roh. Peri Barclay then arrives and naturally Kiyoko then slips into the office, steals Aiden's gun and tries to shoot him. Everyone's all "KIYOKO WTF" but then they're all "k hand it back now" and everyone seems to forgive her. Daisuke seems to be the only one on her side because of the whole language thing, while she doesn't trust Peri at all because he has guns and gunshot wounds which are a bad combination to run into. Back to crediting Kiyoko you kind of feel her frustration towards seeing these things but unable to communicate them clearly to the group. A whole bunch of stuff happens that's not really relevant to her so she ends her story by stealing Aiden's gun again, writing a suicide note and promising not to be a burden. Only because Cassandra can't read Japanese she thinks Kiyoko's off to do something terrible and tries to get her to drop the gun at gunpoint, which explodes a long standing tension between them and they end up shooting each other and dying in the process.


If you're going to read Kiyoko, read her through Cassandra or other people. Otherwise, I'd skip her.

One more character please!

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