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Well, I already read this guy when I was reading Vince Noir.

Andrew Mutaeneau is a succesful child actor who has been supporting himself and his single mother since the age of nine. On island, he just acts really scared the while time. He pisses himself when he sees Angharad Davies and Xian Chun threatening each other, and then runs around grabbing tissues to clean up the stains. Still, he enters into an alliance with the two girls and Vince Noir. The group goes to a cave as the announcement reveals that Angharah had killed someone. Andrew decides to stay with Angharad, but three seconds later Peri Barclay shows up and shoots at them. Andrew dies so suddenly that even the other handlers are confused. His death post contradicts the previous post in the thread, but the previous post was full of godmodding so it evens out. That's how it works, right?

Andrew is a very obvious "first character". He just cowers around for a little and then dies. He's okay, but not worth reading at all. He's just a demonstration of a new handler learning how to roleplay and find his voice. Andrew's handler would use the experience to write many more memorable characters.

Another, please.
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