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You like what you see?
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According to his profile, Shoar Wilson is a spoiled rich kid who was desperate for attention from his parents, so he started posing as a goth/emo kid. He dressed in all black, dyed his hair, painted his nails, got (clip-on) piercings, and even faked depression and cutting. I don't understand how he faked cutting himself, but whatever. None of this shit matters, anyway, because Shoar's handler never posts with him. He goes inactive, so he gets given to V1's favorite inactive killer, Adam Dodd.

What happens in Shoar's brief existence is thus: he's very scared about being in SOTF. He tries to kill himself with his assigned axe but it doesn't work, so he decides to kill someone else. He comes across nerdy little Gilbert Archambault and tries to strangle him to death while crying. Gilbert is saved in the nick of time when Adam Dodd shoots Shoar in the back. That's it.

Read Adam Dodd/10

Another, please.
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