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Vince Noir is a character from the hit British comedy programme The Mighty Boosh
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Somehow he ended up in SOTF! Young Vince is a wannabe rock star from "Mighty fossil High". As a kid, Vince fell and hit his head, and as a permanent result of the trauma, he "would never be able to fully grasp the concept of anything new", which makes no sense for a variety of reasons and is only referenced once in game.

In his first thread, Vince wakes up next to Dorian Graywood and Cyndi Whatever. He acts like a really goofy comic relief character: he doesn't even remember he's in SOTF and he keeps making references to his wacky band adventures involving polar bears and shit. He's annoying. Eventually he sort of gets an idea of what's going on and he teams up with Cyndi, but she goes inactive so he shrugs and leaves the thread alone.

After this thread, Vince fully grasps the new concept of SOTF and he starts acting less goofy. He still occasionally acts dumb or thinks about his band, but he mostly becomes a normal guy. A normal guy with poor company anyway. So in his second thread Vince walks in on two obviously psycho chicks, Xian Chun and Angharad Welshman, having a dick measuring contest over who can be the more campy villain. While this is happening, Andrew Munteanu is running around wiping up his piss stains. Angharad proposes that they all team up, and somehow they all agree, so they move to the next thread.

In the next thread, Xian and Angharad start doing their thing again while Vince and Andrew stand around confused. Then, Peri shoots at all of them and kills Andrew. Angharad goes "see you later, suckers!" and teams up with Peri, and then they leave the thread. Vince and Xian are very angry about this and they vow to be best friends forever and get revenge on Angharad.

Time works strangely in this game, because in Vince and Xians' next thread they enter the gazebo to find Angharad again, and she's heavily wounded because she's apparently been in 20 fights since they last saw her. Xian tells Vince to stand watch outside as she takes care of Angharad. Vince doesn't really know what she's planning, but he's getting cold feet about the whole revenge thing so he does as he is told. So Vince waits outside for a bit but he gets nervous and he goes back in to find Xian torturing and molested Angharad. Vince is not very happy about the situation so he grabs Angharad and tries to take her to safety but Xian stabs him to death with a corkscrew. In his last moments, he realizes that he put his trust in the wrong person and mourns his rock star dreams. RIP

Vince starts out as a dumb joke character but he soon falls into the role of being a straight-man supporting character to the two psychopaths that are Angharad and post-Kaishi Xian. He's a pretty decent character in that role, even if it's hard to believe that he doesn't immediately realize how terrible they both are. Unfortunately, his position makes it so that he tends to blend into the background. The problem is exacerbated by V1's lack of post order: in some scenes, he posts less frequently than his more eccentric companions.

In conclusion, Vince is a surprisingly solid supporting character to Xian and Angharad. Unfortunately, Xian and Angharad are terrible. Vince supports them well, but he isn't good enough by himself to be worth reading.

Roll me another, please.
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