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NEVERA AEEEEEEEEEEEEERO is not a real name i dont think but thats ok!

P R O F I L E:

So the first sentence is “Nevera stands 5'7" and is very good at kicking.”

I am enthused by this.

She is apparently easy to get along with but also VEEEEEERY DEEEEEEVIOUS so I’m not really sure which of these is the truth because they kinda contradict each other. Basically, she dresses like a “cool” anime character from the early 2000s, but then again I guess she kinda is because V1 is super fucking wacky ok.

Also: “She has the tendancy to kick alot and also to stare into the distance. She may be lively, but her kicks have left many a scar, even on those that she loves!”

holy shit im in love already.

Kermit kicks the reader (because he loves them too!)

Her bio is a mess and from what I can decipher, she lives in the slums, he parents died, she got adopted by her aunt and uncle, her uncle got CANCER, and also she was born with CANCER and lost the use of her left eye due to radiation therapy. I think she might need to go to a better hospital, maybe one that doesn’t treat cancer by injecting radium into patient’s eyes.

also she has a weakness for hurt boys.

I S L A N D:

Nevera’s narrative describes her as waking up in the school even though SHE WAKES UP IN THE HOUSE-PLACE REEEEEEEEE! She has a dream that she’s being chased by murderers (suspiciously apropos), and then she punches the floor because she is ANGERY and hurts her hand. Realism WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Kouji Ginsenshi, apparently coming from the thread “??????????????????”, walks in and stares at Nevera for a few minutes and then in a COLDEMOTIONLESSVOICE he says “helo there” like the villain in a bad slasher flick and then Nevera jumps up and “"What do you want, foul beast!?" She said quite unpleasently.”

tbh im fond of nevera already
“Kouji looked at her in shock, "Foul Beast!? ME!? But my mom always thought I was cute, never a beast." Kouji replied as he look at the girl.”

tbh im already not fond of kouji

oh I take it back I hate both of them

“"You really wanna fight, don't you." She closed her eyes and smirked. "Well, it won't be pretty, Mr. Beast!"”

Kouji stared at her and held his stance, "Grr.." Kouji growled”

*spiders crawl out of kermit’s mouth*

Oh jesus christ this is an anime fight scene. I LIKE MY SOTF NOT BEING A BAD ANIME WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!?

fuck it im just gonna post excerpts from the fight scene

“Her darkened eyes glared at his stance and swug her staff at his head.

Kouji was ready for such attacks and dodge the attack quickly.
"I like your style, so have a fighting partner?" KOuji asked mid-air and then landed on the ground behind her.

"No....I work alone." She said with a scowl.

She ran out the door of the bedroom and into the kitchen. Her braided hair flowing slightly as she ran. She really didn't want anyone to help her, or anything. She just wanted to go home. She climbed on top of the counter and hid behind one of the open cabinet doors. She steadied her breathing and held her staff close. She thought to herself, damn, I forgot my bag!

Kouji looked down and saw the girl had leave her bag, "Hmm she left her bag, mm where she go?" KLouji asked aloud, and went towards the kitchen, thinking it was the way she had gone.”


Nevera hears Klouji (thats his name now) walking and gets VERY ANGERY and-

oh god what is going on in this thread?

“"Why did you follow me here?" She asked throwing her voice to the halls trying not to give away her location. “
*spiders crawl out of Kermit’s eyes*

Slayer pops in and is like “Why is Klouji in two places at once and J E R E M Y T O R R E S is here yay! Klouji’s just like “calm down u forgot your bag over here” and Nevera’s like *mine* and Klouji doesn’t notice her and-

*blink, blink* "Uhh where... it go?" Kouji answered aloud after a second. Kouji thought to himself, "Women I'll never understand them."

I’ll never understand you, Klouji.

Nevera calls Klouji an idiot and is like “well we got off to a bad start” and also Jeremy isn’t wearing a shirt. Klouji stares at Nevera’s ass for a bit and then Nevera SMACK HIM IN FACE and Klouji starts talking in Japanese and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh kill me

Jeremy’s like “calm the fuck down” and then he and Nevera talk for a bit.

Nevera absorbs Jeremy’s quality through osmosis and is suddenly actually kinda okay!

Honestly I like this quite a bit. It’s just Nevera and Jeremy doing stuff (Klouji’s staring at a wall or something idk) and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh he’s here again.

“Kouji stared, "Hmmm food..." Kouji follows the smell, "FOOD!" Kouji jumps at the food.”

*Kermits crawl out of spider’s eyes*

Some guy named Scott pops in and is like “NO U RNT GONA KIL ME AAAAAAAAAAA” and then tries to kill everyone and gets fucking rekt.

Kouji: “"Grr women, so weird and I want that food."”

Nevera and Kouji have a conversation with food while Scott is beating Jeremy to almost-death with a brick and then Slayer pops in and is like “HOW DID THIS CORPSE DISAPPEAR?” and then Theseus is like “why is kouji so calm jeesus christ?” and then guitarjack pops in and is like “yo u should make a posting order.” and then Bloody_fists (scott’s handler) is like “I AM ANNOYED THAT KOUJI IS TALKING ABOUT FOOD” and then Jeremy knocks Scott the fuck out.and then Nevera falls over and is also unconscious but wakes up after a second and she and Jeremy have a moment.

Kouji is here again!

“"Nice he's getting beat up." Kouji smiled big not really knowing how to react to this, what scream and run or something?”


Nevera’s handler: “((OOC: Gin.... You aren't really RPing very well...... I don't think that this site is for you anymore....... maybe Nev should just kill you off now that Kousaka is dead....))”

christ on a bike


Ginsenshi’s like “lol k” and Klouji suddenly becomes a SCARY BOY

Kermit passes out and finds himself in the next thread.

blahblahblahblah Kermit skips to the last thread because he’s already read Nevera and this review is really long already.

Sidney Crosby the hockeyboi shoots Nevera in the back.


Conclusion: I guess I’d actually kinda recommend Nevera. Like, she starts off shaky (boy does she ever), but once she meets up with some of the more grounded characters, her quality goes up. Read her if you wanna, I guess.
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Sadly kermit looked at a mariavel. It was so sad... such a sad mariavel... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?
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