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Aria's a bit hard to talk about in the pregame because Aria's a bit hard to talk to, period. He's got some serious nervousness combined with a tendency to overanalyze everything and say things that he immediately regrets. In effect, conversations are rather slow-going because it's a struggle for him to say anything. Not to mention all the cringe. Because of this, I found it difficult to pin down whether or not he actually made any significant relationships during pre-game, and I was curious to see how this guy's inability to express himself would manifest on the island.

Well, unfortunately, Aria's overanalysis manifests itself in an immediate distrust of anybody and everybody. Though perhaps it's not completely unfounded, since the two girls he meets to begin with immediately start hatching a scheme to ditch him if anything goes wrong. But what that means is that he's alone on the island, and there are only two threads left to go. Not looking good for his chances.

And that right now is the clincher for poor old Aria. Even as he meekly makes a couple new friends, it's fairly evident that time is running out, and so, as he settles into his new alliance, suddenly out of nowhere, he goes hysterical at them, and a short confrontation ensues in which a knife finds its way into his chest. It really feels like it comes out of nowhere, and I can see why jimmydalad had trepidations about me reading this one. As I said, because of Aria's social anxiety, he doesn't make significant contributions to the plot, and because his death feels fairly rushed, it doesn't make a huge impact either. It's not bad, per se, just kind of "Eh." Which, depending on your perspective, might perhaps be worse.

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