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Everybody, we can stop searching! I found Waldo!

So he's 15, which I will excuse because V1. There's a spelling mistake five words into his appearance, which I will excuse because V1. He has many bangs that "fringle" his head, which I think is supposed to be fringe but doesn't quite sound right either.

Okay, I'm not going to point out every spelling mistake, but there are a few spread throughout, but again, V1. By those (low) standards, he's actually alright. It's a little irking how an anime club is mentioned in his interests but not in the profile and fishing is mentioned in the profile but not in the interests. But, y'know, the dude ate a shark so that makes up for any and all deficiencies, right?

Then we get to the island and I went on the non-canon thread which was a load of pointless, OOC bullshit so whatever!

Onto Dude! FORTIFIED!!! Part 2: Revenge of the Fortification.

They keep on saying "dood" and I keep misreading it as "dodd" and it's annoying me.

Okay so No-Life King only seems to have actually posted on the first page so I guess this is a inactive kill? The only other thing I have to say is that someone in the thread calls somebody blood boy which I take as confirmation that V1 breaks reality.

I will take another dead kid, please.
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