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Sacre bleu! It's Clemence Ceillet de Rousseau.

Clemence, for the uninitiated, is a femme fatale ballerina bred from the purest stock of French royalty. Her heart is cold as ice and, of course, she immediately decides that she has to kill all of the dirty plebs on the island so she can go back to being a ballet superstar.

Clemence has twelve threads. That may seem like a lot, but her story is shorter than it appears. Clemence does not actually interact with any characters controlled by other handlers until her eighth thread. Of her first seven threads:
Three are short, mostly useless one-shots
One's just her starting a thread and then leaving one post later,
One is a thread with other people where Clemence enters and leaves without interacting with anyone
Two are one-shots where Clemence slaughters inactives (This is where most of her early-game content is)

So she's not actually that long of a read, even though she starts at day 4 and makes it to 7th place. Writing wise, she's pretty good by V1 standards, but there's still a slew of spelling/grammatical errors and poor attempts at flowery prose. Anyway, I'm just going to go into a summary of Clemence's story because I don't know how else to convey my feelings.

As I said, Clemence spends most of her time just wandering around and killing inactives. Her first kill comes when she strangles a guy to death from behind with a chain. He's powerless to fight back against her super strength, because despite being severely bulimic, Clemence is "all muscle". Later, Clemence seduces another guy and then stabs him to death while they're having sex. When his friend gets stuck in the doorway while trying to escape the building, she kicks the door so hard that it decapitates him.

Eventually she runs into some lesbians and gets into a terrible fight with one of them. Luckily, mute terrorist Elijah Rice shows up and kills the lesbians. Clemence forms an uneasy alliance with Elijah, which leads to some interesting interactions.


(I should point out that she had a thick French accent before this thread, but the handler must have gotten sick of writing it)

Clemence and Elijah then get into a fight with some kids, which ends when one girl shoots her collar while hugging Clemence's leg, nearly crippling her. Clemence then runs away from Elijah because... I don't know, I'm pretty sure Kaishi just went inactive.

Things get messy from here. Clemence starts randomly hearing an evil voice in her head, and then she stabs a guy, Ryan Torres. In the next thread, the voice goes away but she's suddenly feeling remorse for all of her actions. She teams up with the brother of the guy she killed, Jeremy Torres, to take down Elijah, but literally one post later she realizes Elijah is gone/dead/whatever and tries to kill Jeremy.

After this, her handler goes inactive. According to the wiki, Clemence was actually supposed to be in endgame, but after she went inactive staff swapped her with Cody Jenson. It was all for the best, really. So she's inactive killed by Cody. Her death scene is pretty good. She gets into a fight with Cody after insulting his motorcycle girlfriend, which ends with her bloody death. It's an exciting scene, if a bit dumb at times. A girl with a nearly crippled leg shouldn't be running and kicking people in the chest.

Clemence is by no means a great character, but I actually enjoyed her. There's not much of a story arc or anything to connect to, but she's entertaining in an over-the-top cartoon villain way. She goes downhill near the end after leaving Elijah, but her death scene is good. She's a fun read, and you can get through her pretty quickly.

Someone please roll me another.

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