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i love him, i love him, i love him, i love him
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well I guess I can just c/p my wikia comment:

"Much like August and Helena, I wasn't as big on Terry as I was Anya, but that doesn't mean Terry wasn't good - a good chunk of his time with August was a Nyquil substitute, but at least it was variety to the other threads going on at the time. He was mostly normal, likeable, had direction even if a bit sparsely developed, and it's a shame his handler never hung around. Imagine what else he could have done?"

tl;dr Terry's writer wrote Anya. I love Anya. Therefor I'm partial to Terry and recommend him even if his first part is fairly boring.

I can't sing but I wrote you a song

Wrong notes but the melody's so clear

When I'm lost, I'm still close to gold

cause I found my treasure in you
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