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Aiden Ambrose is not a character who I am going to hold up as one of SOTF's greatest all-time figures. His writing was spotty at times, and there would be decent stretches of time between his posts that made it seem like things were happening around him instead of to him.

However, I think that Aiden's story is pretty good regardless.

Although Aiden's absurdly tiny three-sentence biography doesn;t give the reader a good feel for him as a character, his actions on the island make up for that. From the beginning of his time in th game where he meets Daisuke and Umi, Aiden is determined to find a way for them to escape. As they gain and lose allies over time, he never waivers from that goal. Most of this i birthed from not only his desire to survive, but his drive to help other people as well.

One thing that I really appreciate about Aiden is that he suffers a lot of setbacks in his plans, and is clearly affected by them. He's shaken after watching Daisuke shoot Minase, he's horrified upon witnessing Andrew's death, and all of the misery he faces keeps building up on his shoulders. But despite that, he still doesn't give up on his goals. This is probably best seen when his group takes severe damage from back-to-back attacks by Daphne Rudko and Jason Andrews, and he forces himself into the role of leader and fights back to make sure as much of their group can escape as possible.

Sadly, Aiden goes inactive, but Dodd treated him very well in his death thread. Aiden dwelled on his losses and failures, but upon finding a girl with a visible injury, he wanders over and tries to see if he can help. Unfortunately, the girl he went up to was none other than Angelina Kaige, who quickly executed him. Even after being beaten down so much by the island, Aiden goes out the way he came in: trying his best to do good.

I would recommend Aiden. His writing may not be top-notch, but he's a likable enough character with a solid story.

Another character, if you please.
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