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Well Jon is something very special, I'll give him that.

You could probably use his profile as the gold standard for other v1 profiles; a biography shorter than most appearance sections nowadays, a tragic backstory, 'premade player' written all over him. He's 6ft tall, wears a black trenchcoat and pants (and nothing else, apparently, so I'm just imagining The Undertaker from this point on), and is 'very skilled with Automatic Weapons'; this fact isn't brought up in his profile, of course, but then again, very little is. His mum was a M A R S H A L A R T S expert and his dad worked for the CIA so he was neglected as a child. His dad died (the profile doesn't specify how, but I'm imagining it's whilst doing super secret spy stuff), his mum becomes depressed and physically abusive towards Jon. After a few months, she's carted off to a mental hospital, and Jon's sent to live with his relatives, which makes him angry and depressed.

Honestly? Compared to some of the backstories of a lot of V1 up to V3 characters, I quite like Jon's! Sure, he's got a bizarre bit right at the end, where he has a 'Fatal Bond' with someone who never leaves his side (except they never make it to the island, spoilers), and his parents' jobs are pushing things quite a bit. But a kid whose father dies and whose mother becomes depressed and abusive because of it, who then gets sent to live with other relatives and becomes angry and resentful due to that? That could absolutely be done in modern-day SOTF, with due tact and respect.

It's too bad Jon goes inactive before he even makes it to the island, then.

Jon never gets posted with by Wild_Seven, and so is left to be nothing more than Cillian fodder, in a ridiculous and unnecessary onepost death scene. Jon sneaks up on Xian and Ash, thinking about playing. Then, Cillian sneaks up on him! A fight occurs, Cillian gets thrown against a well and fake-cries, Jon lets his guard down, and Cillian kills him. By cutting him up with a cleaver, ripping his heart out, and painting on Jon's face with the blood. Alright, V1. Whatever.

I can't recommend Jon. He isn't a character on the island; he's just a corpse for Cillian to claim.

Another one, garcon!


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