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mason lucien

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo let’s go!


Hmm so Mason would be considered handsome, but he is an UNWASHED FILTHY MAN! So he’s not. Common nicknames used for him at school are “dirt” and “messy”. Christ just take a shower dude yeeeesh. also he has dice in his pockets. U N D E R A G E D G A M B L I N G! hey thats illegal mason : (


Apparently Mason’s home life is relatively uneventful, and “seems to be the usual for messed up kids like him”, so i guess it’s not relatively uneventful then. TLDR. Mason’s mum was like “bye family u guys suk!” and ran off and then his dad was like “:’-(“ and became a drunkman and spent all his money on booze except for some money to buy food, buts thats all the money ok. Mason’s mum sent them money but then she didn’t and Mason became a GAMBLINGMAN at age 10. Mason dressed up in his dad’s clothes and ran street-gambling operations as a “funny short man” named “Mace”. Mason made like 20 bucks a week, which his dad usually spent on B O O Z E.

Mason’s dad get sick and cant work anymore, so Mason starts doing everything and his G A M B L I N G is his household’s only source of income which is probably not very good. Mason starts doing some online gambling and STEALS DANYA’S MONEY WHAT THE FUCK.

Also he’s handled by Kaishi who is the creator of Vicky D., so thats a thing i guess.

Also, from the profile conclusion: “Conclusions: Wait, this kid's MACE21?! The cheating idiot...wonder if he remembers our round of "Craps" online. Whatever, I hope he dies a horrible death. Cheaters never win, especially those who never shower (ha, take that kid!).”

wow V1 danya was weeeeeeird



Mason wakes up in Cillian Crowe’s starting thread. OOOOOOOOOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Cillian’s like, singing happy birthday or whatever and Mason pops out of a bush or something and is like “yess, happy birthday to you, cillian. [insert evil laugh here].”

EXCERPT FROM MASON’S FIRST POST: “He knew Cillian's type. He already gave in...a weakling to the game. Either that, or the kid was from an insane asylum, or something. He laughed at the thought. As if.”

I’m really not a fan of this kind of “oohohohoho get it he IS from an asylum *winkwink* look how clever I am” type stuff, because well, frankly, it takes you right out of the story and just makes me roll my eyes, and this becomes a bit of a problem with Mason.

Mason’s like “yes i will shoot him when i open my bag and get a gun” (but he doesn’t have a gun but he doesn’t know it ohohohohohohoh *winkwink*). Cillian goes “Ahhh!” (actual quote) because Mason snuck up on him like a dooooofus and then the voice in Cillian’s head is like “YESSS BLOOOOOOOD GIVE ME MORE BLOOOOOD YES CILLIAN BLOOOOOOOOOOOD” and Cillian is like “do u wanna see my birthday present?”

[insert lenny face here]

Mason’s like “but wait I have a present too” and Cillian’s like “NO YOU HAVE TO SEE MINE”

“Yes...break down the madman by forcing him to beg for it.” (re: presents)

oh also I should probably mention that the presents are their weapons, not their PENISES (penisi?), but I digress.

"I want it."


Mason unzips his bag and finds out his weapon was a GPS and is like “OOOOOOH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and throws some bread at Cillian and then runs away.


Mason fucks off to the school, where he discovers the corpses of Sydney Morvran and Tayli Vreeland.

“Or, maybe - Mason laughed at the thought - the girl was carrying in the laptop, thinking she had found a way out of there, tripped, and the laptop fell and broke, and her gun went off, hitting the boy in the lungs. Mason wiped his mouth with his sleeve, snickering all the while. "And then, the girl is crying over his death, instead of getting out of the danger zone. That has got to be one of the stupidest things I've heard.””


I really dont like it when this happens.

Heather Pendergast stumbles out of the woods after being shot like 900 times by Dave Jackson and into the school. Mason and Heather sass each other for a bit and then Mason becomes a fucking weirdo rapist pervman.

"My name is Mason. Now, show me that arm of yours, and any other wounds you might have. It might help to take off your clothes so I can help you better." Mason commanded smugly. "Don't think nothing of it, Heather. I'm going to do my best to not hurt you in anyway, alright?"

4 goodness sake mason


Heather’s like “okay but dont look at my nekkidness”

“Mason winked, letting his hands wander over her thighs to check if she had any leg wounds. "Sorry, but you're going to have to take off your pants, and tell me where all your wounds are."

Christ on a bike no

Heather punches Mason in the face (YES!)

Mason doesn’t get the hint.

“"Ow!!" Mason cried out, getting hit. "You're lucky I'm a nice guy, really you are." He glared. "I'm not going to force you to do anything, but really..." He rubbed the side of his face with a small sigh. "Don't you know that we might die as soon as we walk outside? Don't you just want to be touched, just once? Or, to touch a boy just once?" He smiled, his eyes slightly pleading now. "You know, I've never kissed a girl before...you'd be my first. My first, and probably my last." His smile turned a little grim as his last words dawned on him. Any breath could be the last. Any step, any sip of water. Anything.

"You must like someone at your school, right? If it'll make you want to, you can call me by his name. I'm sure that you liked someone." He moved a little closer to Heather, his smile softening a little.”

Y’know I’m starting to think the present was Mason’s dick after all.

Heather's like "no"

Mason’s like “NO PLEASE HAVE SEX WITH ME I BEG OF YOU” and Heather is like “no” and then she shoots Mason in the chest a whole bunch. Mason’s like “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!” and Heather gets annoyed by this for some reason, points her gun at Mason’s dick, says literally the worst one-liner I’ve ever read ("Dont Fear the Reaper!") and then fires.

Well I guess Cillian’s never gonna get that present after all. Poor Cillian.

Mason’s like “BLEEEEEAUGH IM IN SO MUCH PAIN JUST KILL ME :(((((((((((((((“ and Heather says the same one-liner again and then shoots mason in hed.

Mason’s last thoughts are regretting being a shitty pervertman and trying to apologize to Heather before she shoots him, to no avail. So at least he felt bad about it, I guess.

Conclusion: Mason’s mediocre at his best. The constant *WINKWINK* stuff and the sudden turn from “gambleboy” to “pervertboy” is just way too sudden. Overall, probably don’t recommend.

gimmmmmmmme nother ples
"Kermit you are the guy in the horror movie that finds a book bound in human skin and decides to read out loud what is inside for fun" - some mean lady named Ruggahissy

i make art i think????

Sadly kermit looked at a mariavel. It was so sad... such a sad mariavel... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?
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