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It was the summer of 2005, the Pussycat Dolls thundered through the radio, we danced to the Black Eyed Peas, the AOL Instant Messenger was used, and somewhere on the internet someone opened a BLUE FORUM OH GOD MY EYES. (sorry naft)

A Battle Royale fan decided to adapt the setting into a newer one with original characters. It was a twist of the setting. Instead of the government being the bad evil, it was terrorists instead. Mr. Danya, Dorian Pello, Achlys, Garnett and many more were born from Kaishi's hand, abducting students for mysterious reasons. The plot was set, and from that point on the whole thing has developed and snowballed into something big.

Let's explore the roots!

Anyone who has interest in reading OG SOTF, post in this thread, so I can randomly assign you a student. You read that student and give a review on the character. That's the deal!

After you've posted your review, feel free to request another one.

It's important to be nice, though! The handlers of the ancient SOTF origins might have vanished, but they are still human beings who don't deserve to be mean to. Character bashing for the sake of being a dick is frowned upon.

Read-A-Thons should be about the FUN! of reading characters of different versions ^^. Since there have been people uncomfortable with scenes in previous Read-A-Thons you have the option to tell me if you'd rather want to not be subjected to some subjects, so that I can avoid rolling you to them.

V1 has a total of 123 characters. Let's go.

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