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Alright let's knock this out with Harry Constantine!

Harry hunches over like a bird, has ADHD, his mother died of AIDS from a contaminated needle, wants to be a Buddhist Monk, and is a master of Northern Long Arm Kung Fu and Choy Li Fat Drunken Boxing. He's also on the swim team, a social mid-ranker, and enjoys Magic the Gathering. That's all fine for v2, so moving on!

No pre-game. On-island, he wakes up, decides he'll never kill, kills a mosquito offhandedly which makes me chuckle a bit, and curses Danya and the sky before walking off.

He arrives into a fight, of course. Or the aftermath of one. Bryan Calvert's the only one left. Harry wonders why the hell everyone's fighting each other while the terrorists are the real villains.

Harry, as Rugga has said plenty of times in chat.... you're going to find out very quickly that you're in the wrong version, my friend.

So Harry tells Bryan to drop his shotty, that doesn't work and he takes cover behind a dumpster while trying to sell Bryan on the benefits of teaming up to escape. Bryan ain't hearing it. They have a standoff while keeping cover and I like how Harry is believably nervous and freaked out while trying to put up a brave front and also getting pissy that Bryan's not listening to reason. Bryan ends up taking off.
o be entirely honest, Harry was a little angry that the whole episode. Maybe if he'd handled it better, Harry and Mr. Sunshine would have been allies. Then again, Mr Sunshine seemed to be a tad on the psychotic side.

You're not bad, Harry.

He comes across Caitlin Evans poking a corpse and is suitably disgusted at what's going on and the whole damn situation. So he leaves, and that was definitely a pointless thread but we get to have Harry at least use this brief situation to reconfirm his desire to actually band together a group of non-players and try to escape.

Caitlin proceeds to spontaneously combust. Sigh.

Harry moves along and predates The Belko Experiment by a decade by wondering why Danya didn't pick an office building. Endless_Helix outta sue. He sees Mary-Anne Robinson by the river, greets her poorly, and she freaks out with a lot of overwritten reactions, but all she actually says is "You gonna shoot me huh?" and Harry goes into an out-of-nowhere rant about her and everything before pointing his gun at her. That... I like Harry and understand he's stressed but that doesn't work for me. She charges at him, he is distracted by her cleavage (DAMNIT V2) but manages to shoot her in the stomach. And... OK despite that there is a long loooooong drawn-out fight scene that I'm not going to fully transcribe except to note the following:
- Harry accidentally grabs her boob (DAMNIT AGAIN V2)
- In all the teeming multitudes of songposts from v1-v4 I've come across, Harry's Offspring songpost in the middle of the fight might be the most pointless one yet
- Harry does note how much this sucks and how the game's gotten to him and he's not really better than anyone else, and that's still good.

Finally Harry shoots her, buries her, and angsts a lot about what he's done. So a brief note about this... Harry and his actual conscience is absolutely a breath of fresh air, but him getting this kill doesn't go down right. Maybe it's just too soon for his character. More likely it's that he instigated the whole fucking thing with his ranting and screaming and threatening first, which made no sense for him to be doing in the first place. It read as an artificial way for him to score a kill and get some character development in, but it's over and done with now and we'll see where Harry goes from here.

He walks through the forest, sad about his kill and contemplating what it might be like to head to the cliffs and end it all, where a girl named Lani is throwing a knife at a tree. They converse and she is way artificially articulate for my liking, and Harry is tired from not having slept. Hey, realism! After some chit-chat Lani goes inactive for a bit so we rush to the announcement and Harry takes off. Lani's handler comes back just in time... to have her collar detonate and kill her anyway. Sigh again. That was pointless but not too bad. Harry is sad and that's rare enough for v2 that I can't help but respect him.

To the lighthouse! Maggie Heartgreeder, Blake Ross, and oh boy Garry Dodd open up the thread. Maggie's barricaded herself inside. Blake smashes the barricade down for no real reason. Garry lurks. Harry sees Blake and thinks he's dumb. Maggie tends to Blake (why barricade in the first place if you're gonna be nice to the guy who breaks through it?) while Harry runs into Garry and his knife, who plots to maybe kill Harry and everyone but instead invites him in because he wants to keep low-key. This isn't a bad scene, really. Blake's got a dislocated shoulder from his dumb smashing and Harry enters the lighthouse both wary and concerned, which fits for his character. None of these four really trust each other and it's kind of a slow-burn thing that we haven't seen much in v2. They pop Blake's arm back into place...

or rather Harry doesn't because he's gone inactive and disappears. Like, doesn't even have an exit post from the thread. Zilya Mercharrsiov shows up and everyone eventually leaves with no more mention of Harry.


So that sucked.

Harry's picked up by Cyco and enters Bryan and Tori's scene after Bryan picks up his BKA from terrorist principal Steven Wilson. Not a good sign for Harry's long-term prospects, that. He at least stays somewhat recognizable, and I can understand him reflexively shooting at Bryan given his earlier encounter and the latent guilt he's been feeling about everything, even it's an obvious way for Harry to be the instigator in the fight that'll lead to his demise.

They both shoot at each other and take cover behind rocks in the shallow water and call out some insults. Eventually Bryan and Tori go underwater when Harry comes around their rock, only for Bryan to pop up all Schwarzenegger-style and shoot Harry dead. It's not the best and not the worst fight scene you'll read in v2 or SOTF.

So overall, yeah I do recommend Harry just for the sheer uniqueness of an actual kid who wants to be heroic and escape in v2. Not everything works, that's for damn sure. But he's competently written the whole way through and has an arc, even if his inactiveness just when I was liking a scene was deadly frustrating, and his death turned him into fodder a bit more than he deserved. But that's the breaks.

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