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He didn't seem to be in great condition even by the loosest definition, but there was really no point in protesting his reply. If it was crazy for him to be claiming to be fine, then it was dumb of Candice to have asked him the question in the first place. Besides, there were more important things to focus on, like the fact that she had just walked up to someone who might be trying to kill her.

She hadn't much considered the danger when she was just checking on somebody who looked to be somewhere between severely hurt and dead. It'd been one thing under those circumstances, but now that she knew that he was, for lack of a better term, fucking great...

When it came down to it, the odds of any random person who was still alive at this point being trustworthy were low, and as it turned out the odds hadn't come out in her favor. It was obvious now that she got a better look at him. Even from a distance, she probably should've known -- if it were one of the other two, Candice would've recognized them.

"You're... Min-jae, right?"
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