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To be honest, I thought I would make it through this one sanity intact. I didn't (its not izzy's fault tho she's aight)

I Z Z Y C H E U N G B A B Y Y E A H!

(I <3 riserugu)


Nothing special to really say about her appearance. There’s some tonal stuff, yeah, but like, that’s fine. She looks like a person who exists, probably. And that’s okay (more than okay) with me.

This continues to be a theme throughout Izzy’s profile. I don’t have much to say here other than it’s good and stuff aight.

Though, there is one thing her profile didn’t to mention…

She’s bffs with Adam Dodd.



Only one thread!

Keiji’s here (blessed keiji) doing some basketball stuff in the gym I guess and Izzy wanders in too look for her lost backpack. She stares at Keiji for a fews secs and then AAARGH NO DODD’S HERE!

[insert ramble about dodd being in v3 here]

The first sentence in his first post is about V1, which makes me go aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh. But, to keep this writeup from becoming about Dodd (he spends A LOT of time with Izzy), I’ll just denote my V3Dodd bugbears being triggered with an “[insert ramble about v3 dodd here]”.

Oh, and speaking of which, Dodd is claustrophobic from V1 now. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]. Adam’s going to the gym to… sleep underneath the bleachers, I guess? Oh also backpacks trigger his PTSD. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]. He finds Izzy’s backpack (oh hey i remember her!) and then has a flashback about almost being raped in a helicopter. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here].

Izzy’s like “what the fuck are u doing, adam?” and then Dodd almost has another flashback. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here] AND THEN IZZY FINDS OUT DODD IS USING HER BACKPACK AS A PILLOW DARN U ADAM DODD U STEALER MAN! Also I guess Keiji’s disappeared or something i dunno.
Adam has a crush on Izzy, because her hair reminds him of his V1 girlfriend’s hair I think. That or Madeleine’s hair. oh also his v1 girlfriend was the vice-president’s daughter. [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]. Adam angsts and Izzy is like “:-0” and Keiji exists again and then V3 proper starts. Uh, I guess I liked Izzy’s (and also Keiji’s) stuff in the thread.

Off to the island we go! (frog screaming)


Thread 1: Oneshot woooooo!

TLDR. it’s a basic waking up thread. Nothing special to say about it but nothing bad about it. wownextthread

Thread 2: Izzy stumbles upon Madison Conner being sad and stuff (sidenote: I really like the line “Moving deeper until she was sure that no one from the pathway would be able to see her, pressing her bark against the bark of a tree and falling into a seated position against the forest floor. “)

Anyways Izzy is like “r u okay? : o” and Madison is like “CRYING”. and then Paul Smith shows up.

oh dear

R.I.P. Kermit

Uh mkay so Paul pops out of a bush with an mp5 and is all like “would u mind relinquishing ur weapons to me, LADIES!?” but then Madison is like “:-0” and throws some raisins att Paul and runs away. Bye Madison (but not for long)! Izzy runs away also! Bye Izzy!


Izzy goes to the lookout point and Keith (dodd please don’t pimp dodd with him i beg u) and-

ahgryuag ry7gr



2900eeeeq29KEITHDODD8372853`dsgdt 647

“Can't be like that fucking Dodd kid, and kill - what was it? Fifteen people? Twenty? Who the fuck knows how many that loony tune blew away before he got off…”

And Keith KNEW that Adam Dodd would undoubtedly be a player.

[insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here][insert ramble about v3 dodd here]

Keith is like “let me in” and Izzy’s like “ok :-)” because she is too good for this sinful earth and also Trey Leyton’s here and he’s all S N E A K Y and stuff and then Madison shows up and is all like “crying”. Keith skips Izzy in the post order and talks about ADAM FUCKING DODDDDDDDD more AND OH NO NOW IZZY IS TALKING ABOUT HIM TOOOOOO REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]

Keith had started to lean against the wall as Izzy had spoken, and had raised an eyebrow in surprise when Izzy had confessed to being close friends with Adam motherfucking Dodd.

hlep me plaease araauguuhugh [insert ramble about v3 dodd here]

Keith pimps Dodd some more and posting order has ceased to exist (so has my sanity). Madison is like “INTERNAL MENTAL CONFLICT” and Trey’s like “OH HEY MADISON!” and Bobby shows up and is like “:-(“ and Izzy calls Paul Smith a bitch. U GO GIRL YEAH!

Izzy is like “oh hey there’s a madison and a trey outside!”. Also Keith thinks with an accent and it’s weird and stuff. Also Also Keith finally has a post not mentioning Dodd. Some stuff happens and then Madison accidentally shoots Izzy. The end, (or is it?)

It wasn’t hahah I tricked you

Keith gets ANGERY and Charlie Burchman shows up and he’s wacky AF. A whole bunch of random shit like Ivye Dewley throwing a grenade at everyone happens but Izzy gets out of dodge before the grenade lands in Charlie’s mouth and blows him up (i wish i was joking)


Mkay so Keith, Trey, and Izzy all escaped together I guess. Outta nowhere comes Galen Neilson who is literally all like “WHERE IS MY NADINE WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERE IS SHEEEEEEEEEEE? AUAAAAAAAAAUHUAWUAUHAUUU!”

blah blah blah Keith talks about Dodd and also Izzy does but is more tolerable because she has some kind of pre-established relationship with him.

Galen is being ridiculous



blahblahblah Randall Flagg from Stephen King’s whatever shows up and is like “NYEHEHEHEHE IM EVIL AAAAAAAAND INACTIVE!” and then Keith shoots him and then Stephen King character dies and I’m pretty sure SOTF HELP was Dodd because Stephen King character says some random shit that is pretty much only used to develop Keith. Galen fucks off and dies to NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE and then Nick Jones and also S A D D show up. Ivye shows up afuckinggain and throws another grenade at them (for fucks sake what). Everyone dies. The end.

Hahahahahahahah got u again wow im so clever.

Nick thinks he gets shot in the ass for some reason and then Matt throws the grenade back at Ivye even though it’s already exploded MITSUKO I DON’T THINK THAT’S ALLOWED! Keith wanders off, and….



rip kermit again

anyways Blood Boy kills Trey and I didn’t read it because fuck Blood Boy >:-( and Izzy leaves i guess aywg7 q8

Thread 5:

Izzy here and then some guy wanders up to her and then Izzy gets sad and leaves.


oh god no…


Thread 6: Hey look guys Dodd is here awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaae9iu 3874y783y784 and his first post is a songpost AAAAAAAAAAAAEJ*UHE*&*E*(#*(h

it’s 2626 words long.


Kermit dies

blahblahblah Bill Ritch shows up fuck it I don’t care anymore and everyone leaves blllllauuauagh

Rest of Izzy’s threads:

Okay well she spends the rest of her time in the DoddSquad and stuff and so she just kind of gets reduced to a support character for Dodd and I’m like “:-/” at that. Might be just because I don’t like V3 Dodd.

blhblajblaih Izzy is in escape thread and then escapes THE END 4 REAL THIS TIME!

Conclusion: I really liked Izzy during her time sans-Dodd, but once she groups up with Dodd she kinda gets “eeeeeehhhhhhhhh” for me, though it’s not really her fault. Also she was sposed to be one of the escape survivors, so that’s cool, I guess. I’d recommend reading her up to her meetup with Dodd and reading the rest of her if you’re doing a readthrough of V3 Dodd

"Kermit you are the guy in the horror movie that finds a book bound in human skin and decides to read out loud what is inside for fun" - some mean lady named Ruggahissy

i make art i think????

Sadly kermit looked at a mariavel. It was so sad... such a sad mariavel... like him... he only waned a normal life... was that too much to ask? was it?
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