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Gotta say, I really love Lulu Altaire as a character. She doesn't have a high kill count, a boisterous personality, some kind of weird gimmick, or any of the other oddities that made V3 seem so rough around the edges. Instead, she's a believable, kind, ordinary young lady trying to survive in this horrible situation, the sort who would feel more at home in V4 and beyond. Little surprise then that she made it to the finale, and reading through her story, I really wish that she could have gone the whole way.

At first Lulu is, well, kind of a hanger-on. She means well, and she wants everyone to get along, and so she's basically attached to Anna Kateridge and James Martinek, another character by the same handler. Lulu doesn't really take center stage in these scenes, and James tends to dominate ZombiexCreame's posts, right up until the time of his death by Lenny Priestly, but you can sorta tell from the way she acts that she's scared by the situation and doesn't want to become what the game intends. Even her first kill, that of the infamous Liam Black, is played more as an accident than her intentionally trying to get the guy with her scythe, but it's this particular moment that signals a slight change in her character, one that seems to manifest more when she loses Anna to Lenny as well. Then despite her efforts to protect her, she loses Madison Connor, another friend, to Dorian Sanders.

Her friends on the island seem to be sort of like safety blankets for Lulu, and as they're yanked away, she suddenly takes a turn, first cussing out Lenny for his murderous nature when Anna dies, and then using Madison's gun to take out Dorian in revenge. After being beaten down for so long, Lulu is actually ready to stand up for herself, and the progression feels real and natural. It's most telling when, after the next group she encounters immediately turns sour, she's ready to bail and go at it alone almost without hesitation. And yet, unlike so many other kind characters who "snap" and become killers, what she gains isn't a murderous edge, but the ability to be assertive and make her own decisions, including turning Lenny Priestly of all people into an ally, albeit temporarily. She doesn't hide behind him, she doesn't follow his orders. They're allies. Equals. That's the important distinction to make.

I think it's this aspect of Lulu that interests me the most. Even if she gets rougher and more assertive, her character and her personality remain intact. She still wants to make friends, she still wants people to get along, and while everything is crumbling around her, she still remains hopeful that people can change. She carries this positive attitude all the way into the endgame, and after reading through her story, it's a shame that she ends up only placing second to a guy who exemplifies the antithesis of this belief. Having John Rizzolo throw out a dumb homage to The Warriors and come out on top at the end feels like a real cheat when there's a character with a well-defined and entertaining arc who could have taken the gold instead. I would have even taken Lenny over Rizzo, but that's just my two cents on the matter.

I have nothing in particular that I disliked about Lulu. This was a satisfying and fun way to round out the V3 read-a-thon. That's it, really.
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