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i'm not upset
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Hi I'm done. What a disappointing ride.

Kristin Washington is written by Jojo who I am a fan of. Joshua from V2 was one of the best kids I read, though he was short. She's into swimming, because I'm a swim magnet, and she seems generally sweet and nice from her profile.

One pregame thread where she surfs and talks to a boy walking a dog who obviously has a crush on her. It's cute.

Island time.

She walks up to a small cottage and there are people in there, including a girl named Kallie, Guy, motherfucking Kenbuton Larris and Darrel I think was his name. Kaillie lets her in and is a little bit of a bitch about it, but she's the only one taking charge here and seems smart enough. She tells them that they can pair off to take the night shifts. However, Kenburton, plague that he is, starts screaming about how none of them can trust each other. Then he casually asks if there are any deep dark secrets that anyone maybe wants to talk about and sweats nervously.

God damn it, Keburton, I hate you.

For those who do not know, Ken is not really Ken but Burton from V2 and the Burton who died in V2 was Ken and they did a little switcharoo because. Just because. I don't have time to explain all the logistics here and why it annoys me but that's what you need to know.

Anyway Kaillie rightly yells at Kenburton for making everyone paranoid and the group gets kind of uncomfortable so Kaillie decides this group is a bust, they dont know each other well and now they're all on edge. So she leaves. Then Guy leaves because he wants to fuck Kaillie because he's a Chad character. Then Kristin yells at Darrel, asking if he's gonna abandon her now too, hilariously forgetting Kenburton is even still there. Darrell says he thinks it's better if they go their separate ways and Kristin thinks about how she spend so much time focusing on her goals that she never really got to know the people at school, so she doesn't know who to partner with.

She ends up inactive and comes upon a group in chaos. Serenity Halos is nearby and Kristin debates whether or not she should offer to help the injured people in the group or kill Serenity for her gun. Viktor sees her, assumes she's about to stab Serenity and shoots her.

Help kind of screws over Viktor here because in her death post it says she decides not to shoot, and offers some help, but is then shot. this isn't really fair because she offers the help after Viktor's post. In game it makes it look like she offered help and then he shot her, when his handler had no way to work around that.

Anyway she died. Don't recommend. Started very promising in pregame but Jo really gave up on this one.
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