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Only 3 threads, so I finished James Ellet!

James Ellet was one of the many many people who only showed up on Day 2-6 after having been wandering around the jungle for near a week. In this time he was with his ex-girlfriend, Morgan Ackland, and the two bickered about stuff, I can't remember exactly what and I only finished reading him like 5 minutes ago. Either way it was kind of boring stuff.

They then head into the chapel thread and we get to know a bit about James through his actions - he's got a bit of the Chronic Hero Syndrome in that he's always quick to jump in and help someone but always at the expense of his ex-girlfriend's emotional distraughtness because she does not have time for it. He also smokes but Morgan doesn't like it. Unfortunately they don't get enough time to interact with other characters because they average two posts every three months and everyone else in the scene, who are unfortunately much more interesting and pronounced as characters (including one of my low-key favourites Hannah Rose as well as high-key favourite Neil Sinclair), has to work around the lack of posting, which involves many people hopping into the thread to fall asleep or collapse, a literal gunfight, and about 2-3 deaths. They didn't mesh well with the scene at all.

They end up separated because of the Danger Zone and James falls victim to his cigarette cravings but loses his lighter. While he's looking for it he gets brained by Alexis Machina and left with a parting gift of dynamite down his pants, and we're left with a rather gory and impressive death which has the unfortunate side-effect of overshadowing everything else James did.


James (and by extension Morgan) are okay but not exactly must-read material. James had some decently interesting character traits but the lack of posting and the fact he didn't interact much with the people he shared a scene with besides Morgan meant he didn't really get to branch out much as a character and his death is more an Alexis thing than a James thing. I'd skip him.

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