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It took him another moment, but finally he advanced. He didn’t let the gun go, and the thought of what he could’ve been doing instead was far from forgotten, but sitting next to Fiyori was a better alternative. Or at least it was an easier one.

He didn’t take his eyes off her as he sat down, both because of who she was, and because of what he would have to look at instead if he didn’t. He felt that lump in his throat again, reminding him that he didn’t know much of anything about from Fiyori, apart from her being as tall as he was short. She didn’t seem to want to fight, but how was Nate supposed to trust her?

He sat there for just a moment. If she really wasn’t trying to kill him, then what did that mean? She’d done it before, she could do it again. The only thing that might be stopping her, as far as Nate could think in that tense moment, was if she’d come to feel like Matt had.

“Do you still want to go home?”
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