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There were a few seconds that passed. Fiyori thought of what she could say in response, and came up with a few variants. Her eyes mustered the horizon, and the waves on the sea.

“Aren’t you going to try and kill me?”

Is what she eventually settled on. Word for word, the same question Nate had asked. Her voice betrayed not a single ounce of ridicule of mockery in her intention, because in the end, there was none of that. It was a sincere question. It just happened to be exactly the same as Nate's,

"You haven't seen fit to kill anyone yet..."

She waited a moment. Waited for something to trigger. Waited for the loud flash and for everything to fall dark. Nothing of that sort happened.

"...and you don't seem to change your mind anytime soon either."

Fiyori turned her head around to Nate. She gestured at the place next to her again.
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