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There was somebody waiting there when Candice returned to the door.

Approaching them was probably not the best idea. In fact, the entire point of going back the way she'd come was to figure out where the others were without being seen herself. But Candice had underestimated how much the weather would impede visibility, and by the time she had realized that there was somebody there, she was close enough that they had to have noticed her already.

Or maybe they hadn't. One reason Candice hadn't noticed this person at first was that they weren't standing like she was on the lookout for, but rather slumped near the door. They also didn't seem to be moving.

Had the number of remaining students dropped yet again?

Drawing closer, she saw that the boy was still alive. Well, he looked like he should be dead, but was slightly moving regardless. Candice also saw that he was armed, but since she was within a few yards of him now he'd had plenty of time to shoot her if that were his intent. Besides, pretty much everybody was probably armed at this point, Candice being no exception herself, with her gun held firmly in her right hand despite how much she wanted a second free hand to stabilize herself on this roof.

She couldn't take the chance of being attacked while not on guard. Being unprepared was what had gotten people killed.

This person, however, seemed to be in no condition to attack her. He wasn't in good enough condition to do anything, it seemed. She closed the distance between them to a few feet, wanting to make sure she would be heard over the rain.

"Hey... are you okay?"
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