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Now you may be wondering, who was wearing the bolo tie? Me or the shark? Answer: YES!
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An Linh Tuan.

An Linh's pregame consists of the infamous murder mystery thread, which as we all know by now survives only as fragments directly concerning Maggie Heartgreeder copy+pasted into one monolithic pile of text. It's a bit hard to follow and features a few formatting gems like
Что же, спрашивается, продолжается в этом городе? Америка является настолько сумасшедшей иногда. Если кто - то умер, то, где - полиция, и почему - все мы все еще в школе?

Проклятый, я хочу есть.

Anyways, a girl has been murdered in the bathroom and some kids take it upon themselves to form a plucky detective squad, complete with designated sidekick. An Linh is not the first thread of this crazy tapestry we've examined, so you can be assured I am not making this up. As to her actual involvement... from what survives, she volunteers for interrogation and tries to drag the girl who happens to be the actual killer in with her on account of Very Bad Feelings. I'm sure this bit of intuition is not colored at all by any OOC knowledge. Though to be fair, Mai seems like she'd be pretty high on the list of suspects anyways.

She doesn't head off right away though, and in the meantime a fight apparently breaks out, and An Linh jumps in to break it up. She's very athletic and proficient in some form of martial arts I've never heard of (but which Google confirms is real) so we're probably missing out on some nice detail from the lost posts. This also seems to feature a yardstick swordfight and a resounding Ї\_(ツ)_/Ї from the homeroom teacher. Her next surviving post is her relaxing all bored at her desk, so I guess some events transpired in the meantime. She then does this

Posted Image

which is her most enduring legacy. My prior v2 pregame knowledge consisted mostly of the facts that someone was murdered and that someone kicked a door off its hinges, and here they are together in one thread. And then she disappears. She shows up at her destination, where Mai is already being interrogated, and then the esteemed self-appointed school detective asks a question and the thread just ends. To quote the homeroom teacher, Ї\_(ツ)_/Ї

So, onto the game proper. An Linh wakes up and the first thing she does (after some reminiscing about the prologue) is tackle the shotgun-wielding BOXING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD, because the first thing he did was stick said shotgun down someone's throat and pull the trigger, and she's not about that. It's a decent fight scene, if a little stilted. She axe kicks him in the shoulder, which is impractical and also very cool, and follows it up with a roundhouse, which is slightly more practical and almost as cool. Hits go back and forth and there's a bit of a break after she employs some POCKET SAND (technically ground dirt) and they both go running for their weapons. She fishes her assigned brass knuckles out of her bag and knocks him over with a hook to the head, at which point it all sort of fizzles out as he decides he's too far away to use his shotgun and wanders off.

People just sort of pile in after that. A lurking girl falls out of the bush and pulls a MAC-10 out of her bag. An unarmed boy walks up, and bush girl weighs the danger of brass knucles and extreme martial arts prowess vs a Y chromosome and wisely turns her gun on the boy. There's a bit of a standoff with yet another kid wandering in and running off in the meantime. And then she disappears. The thread continues, technically. But no more posts come from any one of the three already present. A 12-year-old prodigy wanders in, takes a couple pages of notes on how good of an alliance he could form, then jots down another page about how nevermind it would actually suck and wanders off. Someone runs through the thread, entering and exiting in the same post. A girl with delusions of mermaid-dom comes in and impales the boy with a machete, and then wanders off.

An Linh resurfaces several months of OOC time later, massively drunk and giggling at the announcements. The characterization is a pretty stark departure from what we've seen previously, which is hard to fault too much because it's an inactive kill. Her previous firey grit and determination is gone, and the only thing she can bring herself to care about is finishing the bottle of spiced rum she found somewhere. A boy walks in and starts messing with his collar, and then they spend some quality time getting drunk and messing with collars and having sex. It's actually a pretty human scene, how I imagine a couple teens with spirits both dampened and spiced might act. And then she's informed at grenade laucherpoint that her slampiece is using a fake name to hide his prior murder. She jumps him in response and then he pushes her through a store window and she bleeds to death. The setup is a bit inconsistent, but it does highlight the very real dangers of being pushed through a store window, so there is that.

Overall, not bad but not someone I'd jump to recommend. The difference between her initial characterization and the inactive kill shows that there's something there, but she's not a supporting character and there's not much meat to what she does in the spotlight. The inactive kill is mostly good but not really her.



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