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The rain dripped down his face as Nate followed behind Fiyori, not bothering to say a word. He didn’t question where they were going, or what they were going to do. He simply didn’t have the energy to, or maybe he just didn’t really care.

As they approached the roof’s edge, the landscape of the island came into view from their picturesque vantage point. It might’ve been a nice sight, if it wasn’t a sprawling graveyard full of horrible memories. The chapel, where he’d met Matt. The bridge, where he’d tried to jump. That beach, where he’d questioned what the point of it had all been for the first time. It was weird, seeing all those places from one spot. Thinking back to the people he’d met there, all of whom had been killed by now. All those people he'd cared about were rotting out there.

And then there was Fiyori, taking a seat without a second glance. She motioned for him to join her, but he didn’t respond.

“Aren’t you going to try and kill me?”

It was the same thing he’d asked Matt, and he’d been just as factual this time. He knew that Fiyori was like Matt, like Alvaro, like Nancy: that she’d killed Alice the day before. He didn’t know why she’d done it, but that was nothing new.

He felt the gun in his hand. He just had to do it in self-defence, that’s what Matt had said.
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