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The roof was quite big. Fiyori realized that this was the first time that she was on the roof itself. All the other times, she might have seen it from below or from afar, but that could not really count as 'seeing' it. So she had always needed to use her imagination, when the topic of the roof came up somehow. Not that it came up often, but still, as a matter of fact she had to use her creativity.

And the roof was big. Somehow, bigger than she anticipated, but also smaller. Did that make any sense? Likely not, but Fiyori didn't give a fuck.

Regardless, the cover opportunities on the roof were somewhat lacking. That was bad, she guessed. The little cover there was, was mostly a matter of sitting at the right angles and not getting looked at from the wrong angles. Not very reliable, but that was how it was.

In fact, she had already spotted a figure in the distance. Given the lack of brooding that figure partook in, Fiyori reasoned that she had just spotted Candice.

She wasn't really in the mood to talk to Candice though. If she was lucky, Min-jae would appear and distract her, and her him, for a while.

Fiyori's little walk stopped. A few strands of hair were played with as the wind flew over the asylum. She turned around, confirming that the steps she heard behind were Nate's. The two of them had reached the edge of the roof. From then on, every stop forward would be a step downward. And with a good enough chance, the last step they would take.

So instead she sat down, feet dangling freely and all. She noted the coldness of the ground, and patted the spot next to her free of dirt.
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