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Having no idea what to do, Candice more-or-less meandered about the roof. Strictly speaking, a more purposeful pattern of movement would probably have been better for accomplishing pretty much any goal, but since she didn't really have any goal in mind that was a moot point.

It might have been a smart idea to find someplace that she could defend, but she had no idea what kind of place that would be. Even just glancing around, anywhere she looked seemed to be some combination of "dangerous to stand on," "too open," or "too obvious." Maybe one of the other survivors could find someplace useful, but Candice couldn't even think of what to look for.

She'd had a brief thought that they had never managed to find Sandra's body, and that might be visible from somewhere up here. It wasn't like there'd be any point to finding it, though, since she couldn't leave the roof without exploding. And if it were visible from somewhere, it'd probably be from some point right on the edge where it was too dangerous to stand.

Pretty much everything she could think of doing was pointless now. Thus, aimless meandering.

Or rather, there was a bit of an obvious goal, that being the one that began with finding the others. She definitely didn't want to be found, but come to think of it, sticking near the entrance so that she could keep an eye on the other three was a way smarter idea than a rooftop stroll. Worst case scenario was that they noticed her and she'd have to try to run, which was a bit better than the current worst case of "get noticed, have nowhere to run." Okay, so the worst case for both was actually the one where she would get shot, but since the result of that would be the same no matter what she was in the process of doing at the time it didn't really help in making decisions. With that, Candice carefully made her way back towards the door from which she'd come.
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