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The weight of the gun, as heavy as it was, just now seemed to register with Fiyori. Her arm seemed to drop to the ground, for just a moment, and maybe just in her mind. Fiyori turned around.

There was Nate, and Fiyori didn't raise her gun either.


Fiyori mustered him, and found him to be in a shoddy condition. Not a surprise, of course. They all were in some shoddy conditions, more or less.

Or were they? She didn't really know about Candice, but Fiyori supposed she would see that soon enough.

Anyway, she continued to stare at him for a few seconds more. Couldn't help but smile a little seeing him. She didn't remember him being so small. Not even compared to her.

Fiyori faced away again, and set in motion.

"Come, away from the door."
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