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This was it.

Matt had been right, it was just him and three others, because everyone else was dead. Just like Matt had said, if he wanted to go home, he had to kill someone. They’d made that clear, that that was just what had to happen. If he wanted this to be over, there was no other way.

Nate was still thinking about the day before, and he didn’t know when he’d stop. He wanted to make sense of it all: Matt’s pointless death, his remorse, how he still wanted Nate to do the very thing he’d decided was so stupid. Even if it was in self-defence, even if it meant this all being over, how was he supposed to do it? Why was he supposed to do it?

He gripped the jacket draped around him, pulling it tight. He was really tired of these questions. He was just really tired.

He made his way up the stairs, thinking about the other three, but wasn’t sure what to do from there. Whether or not he knew them, what he thought of them, it didn’t make any of it easier, since they all had to die.

That was it. They all had to die. That was all there was to it anymore.

He gripped the jacket again. Looked down at the gun in his hand.

The machete had been left behind. It was heavy, and carrying both weapons got in the way. In the end, he supposed, he didn’t have the strength to use it. It stank of Jon’s corpse, anyway, so he didn’t miss it. And besides, he had a gun now; that was all he needed to go home, right? He just had to shoot someone, kill them, and that'd be it. That was what it had all been building up to.

His lip didn't tremble, nor did his eyes well up. He just swallowed that lump in his throat, and pushed open the door.

He saw Fiyori. He stood there, but only for a moment. The gun didn't move.

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