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You know, for all the introspection and thinking Fiyori had done the last few days, one thing had completely escaped her.

It wasn't really important, now, not really. In fact, maybe it was the most inconsequential of all things that mattered. Or maybe it wasn't. Fiyori wasn't so sure about these things. Either way, it was the kind of thing that made, like, super obvious sense in hindsight. The kind of thing that you suddenly realize and wonder why you never thought of it earlier.

Fiyori was different. She was black, a racial minority in Kingman. She was taller than most girls her age - hell, any age. She was a strange laughing creature that caused disgust and bewilderment wherever she went. And to top it off, her eyes had an unusual hue. Blue, and something that marked her - always, everywhere - as an other.

Being other from the others was troubling, wasn't it?

And yet, Fiyori's glasses and the clips in her hair were matching her eye colors.



The reason why she thought about it, or really, why it came to her mind was a bit simple. There was another batch of announcements. It seemed there were only four people left, Fiyori included. Min-jae survived, which was good. Really, it made her happy. Then there were Nate and Candice. Names for which Fiyori could place faces in her mind. Still, names that surprised her. She couldn't recall meeting either of them, so that was going to be interesting.

Or not.

Fiyori didn't know about that.

Regardless, the announcements had addressed her directly for the first time. And it was scathing to hear. These people, these terrorists - they had observed every single step she had taken these last ten days. They had seen it all. They had heard it all. And yet even they, in their depraved minds and morals couldn't understand what made Fiyori tick.

In the end, she was still the other. Nothing had changed in that regard. For the people in front of the screens, the terrorists and the other three saps she would - alas - forever remain an alien.

Alas? Fiyori halted.



Let's try that again.

Finally, Fiyori Senay was a god-fucking alien.


"What's up, cunts and gentle-bitches? Fi the Bee in da house!"

Silence answered. Behind Fiyori, the doors to the roof - or from her perspective now, the doors to the inside - feel into the threshold with a loud and metallic bang. She had not expected being the first one. At least, Fiyori was unable to spot anyone on the roof. That was a shame, somehow. She had hoped to make a fashionably late entrance.

Ah well.
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