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((Candice Banks continued from Rain, Rain, Come Again))

If you had asked Candice about the number of students in her school, it would have been a topic that she didn't really "get." Sure, she probably knew somewhere in the back of her mind a rough ballpark of how many kids were enrolled, but it was hard attaching numbers that large to a crowd. Put a large group of people in front of her and it was hard to really say whether it was a hundred people, or seventy, or three hundred. It all just ran together into the same vague category of "That's a lot of people."

This trip had been one of those things. How many people had come along? Candice didn't know the exact number, but it was "a lot." More than a classroom, less than the entire school. That was the kind of vague classification that she had for how many people were on this island. That was why it had come as a shock when the new announcement had given a much easier to understand situation.

Four people.

It shouldn't have been as much of a shock as it was. For the past day everybody on the island had been crammed into a single building. Sure, the asylum was fairly large, but even with every living student concentrated into that single location, encounters with others had been almost nonexistant. It should have been obvious that there weren't all that many left, but still...

Four people.

That was the kind of thing that Candice was thinking as she obediently made her way to the top of the building. She opened the door at the top of the stairs to find nobody waiting for her. Well, nobody that she could see, anyway, though given the conditions it wouldn't be that surprising if she'd missed something. Seriously, who the hell had decided to send them up to the roof in the middle of a storm? Forget about getting murdered, it was like this stupid game was going to be decided by whoever injured the fewest vital organs after falling off the building.

She wanted so much to be able to just turn around and walk back inside, but that was obviously not an option. Staying right by the door would probably be legal, but it definitely wasn't smart. She wasn't sure how many doors led up here, but staying right next to one of them sounded like a terrible idea. She couldn't afford to hang around in the first place people would look at.

Candice cautiousy made her way out onto the roof.
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