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Penelope snickered. "You see, now you're speaking my language. Humanity will fall beneath my metal heel!"

She sighed. "But yeah... maybe I would go if your parents wanted me to come with you for whatever reason, though I'd probably need some convincing, I wouldn't want to cost you guys a ton of money or anything."

She gently rubbed the head of the cat in her lap. "To go back to what we were talking about just now though, I dunno. I'm not sure if what I want to do will be what actually happens in my life. There's not really any correct path, and sometimes circumstance can really screw things up. We all just do what we can and get through."

She shrugged, raising her hands into the air. "I'd be happy with an epicurean lifestyle with a loving husband and a child that I can raise. But I know you, and I can't imagine that something that simple is something you'd want, am I right?"
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