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Who is this sassy lost child
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"Well... that's a nice plan." Raina sometimes forgot that money was more of an issue for Penelope's family than hers. Arguably, the Roses spent more on their children regularly than the Fitzgeralds, what with putting Cameron through Yale and all the material ways they made up for their lack of presence in the home, but they could afford to do that.

Still, it wasn't like Raina was suggesting something totally outlandish. She had to resist the urge to argue, knowing that Penelope's intentions were good. "I don't think it's a waste though, not if you get something good about it." She smiled, trying to lighten the mood again. "Hey, maybe if we went on a trip like that, you could come with us."

Anyway, the white picket fence and two-point-five children dream had never been hers. Maybe it was good enough for Penelope, but Raina wanted to do something with her life. Creating things for people to enjoy themselves with was good work, she would never deny that, but Raina wanted to look out on the world and see an impact that she herself had made.

She was going to change the world someday.

...But this wasn't the time or place to get into that. She had come over to relax with her best friend, not get into a semantic argument about spending money.

"Definitely go with the robot body. Get some sweet robo-tattoos and overthrow humanity."
"Art enriches the community, Steve, no less than a pulsing fire hose, or a fireman beating down a blazing door. So what if we're drawing a nude man? So what if all we ever draw is a nude man, or the same nude man over and over in all sorts of provocative positions? Context, not content! Process, not subject! Don't be so gauche, Steve, it's beneath you."

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