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"Ehh... I dunno, a trip all the way out there is pretty expensive. I know your parents are good for that kinda of money but, well..." Penelope sat up, disturbing the cat in her lap. "...my family has never had a whole lot of money, given the fact that my parents have to take care of three kids on jobs that really don't pay enough."

She bit her bottom lip. "It just seems... kinda wasteful to me, to spend all that money willy-nilly. If I had money like your family does, I'd just... try and live a quiet and comfortable life somewhere. Make video games that people can enjoy and care for a child of my own."

She gently ran her fingers through her hair. "Cause like... I've never really cared all that much about getting out in the world and doing things for the sake of doing them. All I've really ever wanted was to have a nice, simple life and leave a positive impact on the world in some way. So that way, when you and I and everyone we know now inevitably die and no longer exist... I won't be forgotten."

Sensing the sudden, sullen change in the atmosphere of the room, Penelope decided to dial things back a bit. "...Or, you know, get a totally rad robot body and live forever, one of those two."
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